Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turkey Babies

They stroll the fields daily looking for food. Three mom's, 18 babies. With my little CoolPix camera this is the best I can do, looking through the window screen.

It has been a hard week for this introvert, getting my eyes checked at Walmart of all places, doing many errands, taking mom to the doctors, the grocery run, getting my car inspected for which in this state they take your brakes apart, jeesh, visiting the Ex and my son, and still to come, getting a NH driver's license on Thursday or Friday. All of these trips are at least a 1/2 hour drive one way. I have a number of new craft projects begun and stalled mid-stream. Well, patience, my dear. Needless to say, I'm a bit slow reading everyone's blogs but I'll be there......


Kim said...

Now don't worry, dear Suki! While I can say for sure I miss you, I completely understand what it is all about!

And you have been doing so much! Wow! I should be as productive, but I completely understand the stress it causes the introvert. I am so with you, Baby!

And speaking of baby...those little babies are so dear! I don't think I have ever seen turkey babies! Awe, they are kind of duck like in the way they follow their mamas! How adorable! I also rather like the effect of the soft!

Thanks Suki and try to give yourself a bit of a treat!

Annie said...

The babies are darling. No worries Suki, some days you can only do so much. As a worker full time, I am lucky to get anything done, let alone look at blogs. Good luck with all your errands.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Cute babies. 18.. three busy moms. :)
I hear you on being busy lately. Some thing just have to be done.
Been busy here to since Cons Accident. But we have a new window in thanks to a dear friend of ours.
So I understand how you are feeling.
Just take on step at a time and it all gets done.
Did they put your brakes back together I hope. :)


But it feels so good when those things are all caught up, doesn't it? I had a morning of errands too,,,trying to beat the afternoon heat.
Turkey babies! We see lots of wild turkey on the way to the lake,but haven't seen any babies. We have seen a lot of baby geese, (goslings?) and have watched them grow.We can barely tell the difference between the babies & the adults now, they've grown so fast!
Hope you can stay in and create tomorrow!

sukipoet said...

Oh thanks Annie, kIm, Cris and Babs. Actually I did stay home today, thursday. I couldnt stand another out day. I am baking a blueberry pie for mom and rearranging my new studio and gluing up more bookcovers etc. It is pouring rain too. For a change. :)

Anonymous said...

The first photo is very impressionistic. I like it. Lately I have been squinting my eyes to get unfocused views of the garden. Ya know? To see the colors and patterns without the details. Ok... (chuckle) I'm in my own world.

Anonymous said...

Turkey Baster Babies!
Sorry... I was once into Punk. It was a saying we had.

human being said...

oh i remember these turkeys.... aren't they the ones you took their picture in the snow?

Suki you had a very busy time... and i know how much your soul craves now for a peaceful time just with your artworks and books...

pamper your soul... don't worry about reading blogs... they can wait!
lots love and kisses

sukipoet said...

Chewy, all I have to do to get that blurry effect is take off my glasses. :) You always make me laugh. Punk. Yet, you didnt vote for punky the chicken did you? I vote for punky and he/she only had one vote.

Human being, I'll be these are the same turkeys from the winter. What I love so much are these darling babies being so well protected and hovered over by the Mom's. Wish I could get a better picture.

Well, I can't say I think i"m super busy compared to most people, but just for me who likes a low key level of business.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some alone time to recharge your batteries. I have never seen turkey babies! What a beautiful setting in which to live, where wildlife traipses through anytime.

sukipoet said...

Kelly, I had never seen turkey babies before either. When it was time for the local farmer to cut the fields I called them and asked them to be careful of the turkey babies who liked to wander in the grass. They were so small then they were hidden. Well, come to find out, they could fly. Hmmm. Silly city person me. :)

marianne said...

Yes you have mentioned them before.... Cute to see them in real the rest is for my imagination, I can see them walk!
Sometimes you are busy with all kind of duties which aren't really satisfiing, they just cost a lot of time and energy! Bleh!
Take care! once they are behind you you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Love >M<

sukipoet said...

Thanks Marianne. Finally all the uncomfortable tasks are done. I know I shouldnt complain. Life could be much harder than the one I have. Be well, Suki