Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fifi's Blog Love Award from Cris

A few days ago Cris posted this award from Fifi's flowers and offered it to anyone who reads Cris' blog. So, I do the same, passing it on to you dear readers. Fifi created this icon herself from her wonderful watercolors. Doesn't it look like a Paris park? My view of awards is this: what it does to give them is to bring to attention some new blogs we may not have been aware of. Sharing the awareness, kinda thing. So keep it and pass it on if you wish and share the richness of this blogworld we have all created. Be well, Suki


Kim said...

Suki, you are so right. Doing these awards really do help us learn about other blogs. I have learned a lot about others from "jump-offs" from your blog. You and I seem to have a common interest in things like yoga, too.

This award is really lovely...thank you for passing it on, as well!

Thanks Suki!

sukipoet said...

Your welcome Kim. Hmmm, I didnt know you were interested in yoga. That's great. Do you practice? I practice daily, although missing once in awhile. For me, it is a total life and nerve saver. Be well, Suki

Lynn said...

Nice of you to do this. I took it but have yet to pass it on.
Good idea. I do like Fifi's paintings and would not have seen them if I had not checked her site out after finding her comments on Cris' site. Good networking here.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great post Suki, So glad you took it to share. She uses black Ink and Acrylics. I like her syle because she is so cherry and fun. and I like finding new blogs to view. It is nice getting to learn more things from each other this way.


Isn't that an adorable painting?
Makes for a super award photo.
I've just finished reading a couple of the new(to me) blogs,,,so these awards do serve a nice purpose.

Forever Young said...

so sweet, i've just posted the fun to read one....thanks for all your caring words about steve, he is doing fine, up and back on the road....life goes on and so must he! hugs.

sukipoet said...

Hi Lynn, I too would not have seen Fifi's paintings, which i like very much, were it not for Cris' posting. I guess that's the great thing about blogland, meeting new people. I feel like I "know" a huge bunch of folks out there in the world.

Cris,thanks for the intro to fifi and the correction of my misperception. Acrylic not water colors. Hmm, that's why the colors are so bright. I always think watercolors tend to be so....watery.

I agree Babs. I lvoe to see new blogs. I can't always keep up with as many as I know about, but I like to drop in now and again on some that I dont drop in daily.

Hey Forever YOung, i am sure that Steve's recovery is enhanced by having you for his Mom. May you both be well and happy. Yes, I do love that reading icon, very much. Happy day.