Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Royal Mail

The other day I received this in the mail. I love this postage stamp. It makes me feel important to be getting royal mail.

It was a message from the Queen. The giggles queen. Inside were these two paintings by Forever Young. She's been posting a giggle a day this year. Recently she gave away the originals of her giggles to folks who requested one. Wasn't that sweet? The first giggle reminds me of Carol Burnet in one of her TV roles. Also, it reminds me not to take myself toooooo seriously. The second one actually reminds me to do the opposite of what it says. Not to blame others, right. Well, I never did have much management potential anyway. I love the colors and the happy face on the woman. I'll hang these in my studio to give myself a giggle every day. Thanks for your generosity Forever Young.

Burnout update. I am still resting. As an introvert, I need a lot of going inward in quietude to counterbalance extroverted activities. The weather has been gorgeous so I've been lying on my lawn chair reading and drinking iced water. Today I have a few more Mom errands to run, but for the most part I hope to spend another day semi-comatose in the sun. I want to thank everyone for your responses to my post yesterday. My heart swelled as I read everyone's kind words. Such dear friends. Love and hugs, Suki


Kim said...

Royal Mail for a Royal Lady! :) These are lovely paintings to be sure and the first on is really a Carol Burnett to be sure...don't you just love her?

And Suki! I am glad you are resting and taking care of yourself completely! I completely understand the going inwards! I send you lots of love and energy for Suki!

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh how fun you got the drawings. I saw that but missed out on it... to stressed out to think about things at the momment.
Glad your still relaxing ..One definitely needs time outs to continue on life. Con is going to have his operation in the morning. I would really like a quiet day today but it wont happen.... have to much to do. But there will be time afterwards.
So carry on and love the stamp and the pix you picked.

Annie said...

I am happy you are feeling a bit better and that you are having fun in the sun-keep up the good work :-).


Love that quote on the second one!
(and how cute they both are!)

Isn't it funny,,,,you don't seem like an introvert to me.I think there are just times that we all need for inner reflection,,quiet time.Contemplation,,,appreciating, and giving thanks.

You'd be fully comatose lying in the sun here. We're at 98 and counting,,,and very humid.
Royal postage,,,,,very cool!

Honour said...

I understand the introvert need Suki, so much. Now that I've had a week away at the lake, and am doing so much work at home, I find it miraculous that I lasted as long as I did as a manager with an "open door" policy. Good to know who you are, what you need and just work with it!

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, Love the Giggle drawings:) I should really visit her more often!:)
and I love the picture of the red barn with the geranium and the thick shadow, so beautiful.
And the quotes in the sidebar, I have to read Nadolny's book again, it is not on my bookshelf anymore, I don't know where I left it but it's gone:)
Love the quote you chose here. I often feel uncomfortable telling people what I'm going to do about this or that (especially when I'm not doing it in the end:)

Mary Richmond said...

it's good to take some time, especially when we are faced with so many changes, i think. glad you've been able to enjoy the weather and create a bit.

human being said...

FY's giggles are superb and you own a source of positive energy now...

happy you are kind to yourself and resting...
love to you

sukipoet said...

Kim, it is such a trip to get Royal Mail. But since you lived in England I guess you got a lot of royal mail. I feel a bit more lively today, thank you Kim. The resting did me good. be well, suki

Chris, it is a miracle you can respond to blogs, even. You are so dear. Many prayers sent to you and I imagine Con and you surrounded by angels. Blessings, Suki

Thanks annie. I have been around me for 62 years so I know what is best when i feel depleated and am lucky that i was able to take the time to just vegetate, more or less. Esp today, Friday, I feel ever so much better.

Babs that's interesting that i dont seem like an introvert. Writing wise I am not an introvert. IE: i love to write and chatter in my blog and so forth. also, in the past 20 years of living alone, I "trained" myself to be more extroverted, otherwise I'd be way too isolated. Still, I think all in all i am an introvert. I've done various testing which names I forget and I come out that way in them.

Thanks HOnor. I hope all is going well for you working at home. And that your vacation was refreshing. Sounds like maybe you too are an introvert. Right, hate to use labels but I think coming to understand oneself is important. Not that it's a law but just a guideline. Be well, suki

Thanks for mentioning the photo andrea. and didn't Kim say you had sent her that book???

sukipoet said...

Hi Mary. If I've learned one thing about myself it is to listen to my body and stop and rest when needed even if it takes a week or so to get myself together. The only thing i hate about it is there is too much time to think. :)

Thanks Human Being. I am practicing my yoga, lying in the sun and doing nothing much at all. Well, as I write it is actually friday and I have picked up in activity now. Thanks everyone for all the support during my time of rest. namaste.

Forever Young said...

i am truly blessed to see my giggles being posted around the world...they look so much better on other people's sites! giggle.
so glad you know when to stop and rest, i don't always do so! thanks for the kind words!

sukipoet said...

Well Forever Young. You are famous!!!! Your giggles bring joy to so many people. You know, it is not easy to make people laugh, And your sense of humour is unique. It is quite a gift you have. Now, next step, stand up comedy right???