Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm rich

Look what came in the mail from the Netherlands! Marianne sent me all this beautiful money from different countries to use in my collages. Some from China, Mexico, Romaniei, Budapest, Qatar, Tanzania and more. The colors and pictures on the money are wonderful. Wow.

Coins too.

And this sweet post card. Doesn't this look like kids from the 50's?

Most wonderful of all is an original Marianne hand-painted mandala which she called a "Suki-Wabi-Sabi" mandala. My studio walls are just humming now with my Giggles art from Forever Young and now my mandala from Marianne. Thank you dear blog friends. For being so kind and generous and creative. You are inspirations.

And on her blog, Marianne has created an award for everyone. Visit her blog to pick up your copy. Just right click on the icon, save it to your desktop. Then upload to your blog. Thank you thank you again dear blog friends for hanging in there as I rested and renewed. I am grateful for your kind words and thoughts. Love, Suki


Kim said...

Suki! You are rich! Very Rich! And you are rich in so many more ways that with money!

These treasures from Marianne are wonderful...and that money will be fun for collages!

I wish for you a delightful weekend, dear Suki!


Wealthy Wabi-Sabi lady!
Eager to see some of that money in collages,,,,will be really cool!

human being said...

Wow... a shower of love and blessings from Marianne... the mandala is so vibrant and healing..

she is a gem...
and yes Suki you ARE rich...

and i'm richer cuz i have both of you as friends...

Paula said...

Oh you dog, I'm jealous ! I love that money....oh the fun stuff I could do with that !

I also love the zinnia photo in your sidebar. My love for zinnias comes from memories of my grandmother.

Fun post. Hope all is well with you.

sukipoet said...

Kim I agree so much. I am truely rich with loved ones among my relatives and friends. That's the richest richness of all. I can't wait to use the money. So lovely. You have a great weekend too, Kim.

Babs,Isnt that money the greatest. Marianne travels a lot, I travel not at all. So I am lucky she collected these bills from her many travels and shared them with me so I can travel vicariously.

human being, I too am so rich to have you as my friend. You always say such kind things. The mandala is wonderful isnt it. I can feel myself regaining energy just from looking at it and having it in this room. Love, Suki

Paula, I dont know why I love zinnias but I do. My gram loved petunias and I planted those in my garden too. Do you make collages Paula: Re: your saying you'd love that sort of thing? Have a great weekend.

Lynn said...

How fun that must have been to open your mail to all these gifts.
I bet you make wonderful art using them too. How lovely of Marianne to make you a Mandala. It is lovely. I loved her video of the process of the one she made for FY.
Very artistic woman...we are all lucky to have her in our midst.
Have fun with all of it. And yes I agree, those kids on the post cards are either 1940 or 1950's kids.

Forever Young said...

ha ha what an unusual thing to post, wonder what the royal mail would've thought of that?
and this mandala, it is superb, we are rich indeed- in our blogging friends, i can feel the love flowing all around us.

sukipoet said...

Hi Lynn. Yes, Marianne is a sweetheart. Have you seen her new kitty? You're a sweetheart too Lynn. Nice post you did on Cris and Con. Glad he made it through the operation and is now home resting. Be well, suki

Hello Forever Young, well guess I have gotten lots of mail from overseas this week. Such fun. I look at your paintings every morning to start my day off right. Thanks again, Suki

Cris in Oregon said...

How fun is this.
Such nice things she sent you too. wow. love the mandella.
I love the post card too.
You have made out like gang busters this past week in the mail. lol
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers over cons Operation. All have been such great kindred spirits out there in blog land. Well appreaciated too.

sukipoet said...

Cris, in this age of internet communication, getting things in the mail seems even more special than ever.

marianne said...

I forgot to take a picture before I sent it to you, so goog to see it here so I can save the picture.......
Glad you liked the surprise Suki. I'm sure you can do some wonderful things with the money! (can't wait to see it)
hug >M<

sukipoet said...

thanks Marianne. You are so dear. I now have some many wonderful art pieces on my shelves (havent gotten them framed yet) to brighten my new studio. Glad you are back, Suki