Friday, July 25, 2008


Oh, that's what those big leaved plants are. Thistles. I want to say a big thank you to the overwhelming responses I've gotten about the farm sign and the how to hang a painting questions. So many fabulous suggestion to take under consideration. Hmmm, now I have to put on my thinking cap.

A corner of half buried things. Yesterday I had to go out in the real world and- gulp- become an official resident of this state. My Massachusetts car registration ends on August 30th. I lived in Massachusetts for 30 years. I had the same license plate for 30 years. So hard to see it go. It cost me, so far, $414 just for the new registration!!!! They have two license plates here ( just one in Mass) and the front of the car has no holes to screw in the second plate. You can't get it inspected without the second plate mounted. So, I had to order something or other that they will attach to the car to hold the second plate, cost $40.

Plus, here the inspections can cost whatever the inspection place wants to charge. In Mass it's a fixed price. Everyone charges the same. I know these are minor things but I felt so frustrated yesterday. I now have to wait till Tuesday to get it inspected. I hope I won't get arrested for driving with only one license plate.

I guess it's just a matter of change. I want to still be a Mass resident really. I want to be back in the past. This is not a good attitude. Well, let it be here for today. I will let it go soon. In fact, changing my official place of residence is part of letting go.

My brother and SIL had to let go recently too. Their dog, Buffy, (after Buffy the vampire killer) was born in Puerto Rico and abused. A woman brought her back to the US and my brother adopted her. She is sweet, but very nervous, jumping up on SIL's bed, barking. She was fine before SIL got sick but now with nurses, doctors, chaplains etc in and out of the house, Buffy just was a basket case. Luckily, the woman who originally brought her to the US was able to take her back.

Mim has posted photos of her wonderful studio. Take a peek. Thanks Mim. I also put a link on my post about studios.


Lynn said...

Suki, sorry you are having such a financial drain to become a resident driver in New Hampshire!
I can well imagine your missing Mass. Are you a red sox fan? My SonInLaw is...from Boston!
Hope this all works out and you do not get a ticket. Sorry about the dog too, but glad he got another home quickly.
I have hung your collage in a new honored spot. You can see it on my blog if you haven't already. ;-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

That was quite the transition you went thru. I remember moving in here december and it taking us FOREVER to get our drivers licences and registrations. We both were basket cases on taking the test here.
but it finally made it official that we were Oregonians now.
The thing is, you can always go back if you so choose. Nothing is forever.
Sorry about the dog. But maybe it will be better for it. Annie got so upset with Con being sick. They are so very sensitive sometimes.

Kim said...

Suki, transitions are very difficult and you have kind of been in a state of constant transition and things sound as though they are still rolling in that direction. You know, I completely understand. When we had to move from Montana back to Texas, I didn't want to change the plates, either. And boy everything is different state to state when dealing with things like car tags and drivers licenses. We have asked "Why, oh why do we not have a national drivers license?" so many times. I can't tell you how many driver's tests I have taken (written, oral, computerized and not). So I hear you so loud and clear, my dear.

And it has to be so hard on your brother and sister-in-law to allow their dog go back. :(

Hang in there, Dear Suki, Cris is right, "nothing is forever" and I will add that the transition part is the hardest. After you get through it the first time you wonder how you were so strong!

I am with you!

Annie said...

Wow, that is expensive for registration. Here it is a mere 52 dollars. Letting go is rough, but something we all have to deal with and it seems as we get older, it gets worse :-). Good luck with that.
I was thinking about your sign- How about you just add a few dragonflies to dress it up and leave it at that? As for hanging I like the idea of putting the screw inside, that sounds like it would work. Have a wonderful weekend Suki.

Mary Richmond said...

ouch on the license registration...and of course NH has no income tax, right? So they must get their revenue elsewhere. Massachusetts is sorry to see you go!

Honour said...

oh, suki how wise of you to see that your feelings around the license plate are not just about the license plate but what that process *means* to you ... having to admit you are not a mass. resident for the time being. this is probably the best thing you can do -- just admit what is. wishing you well in this next step of transition, dear Suki.

sukipoet said...

Lynn, to register the car in Mass would have been $40. Course we had lots of other taxes there and here they have not state income tax. I'm not a big baseball watcher. I like Red sox okay. But actually pay no attentions. I finally found a couple of screws to temporarily affix the plate to the car. Saw you blog photos of your wonderful room. Thank you for having my artworks be part of it!!! It is a lovely room.

Cris, oh thanks for saying that about its taking you awhile to make the transition official. Course I've been here 9 months now. Hard to believe and it prob was the fact that my Mass registration is due for renewal that motivated me to do part one. Part II will be the lisence. Ugh.

Kim, I had to laugh when you mentioned a universal drivers lisence and registration I might add. That was my exact thought when changing reg yesterday. this is silly. Guess it's a state asserting it's individuality plus here it brings in a lot of revenue for the town and state. You've changed your a lot. Me, once in 30 years so I guess I shouldnt complain. thanks for your encouraging words.

Annie, thanks. as I mentioned above this is how the town gets dollars for all the plowing they do I guess. I tried one picture with the screws inside and it does seem to work though harder to put in the screws. I may just leave the ones I've done as is, and do this inside the frame ones for the rest. You have a great WE too annie. We are starting off good here with the rain gone at last and a day of sun.

Mary thanks. I miss Massachusetts. and seeing you and my other friends too. Right there is no income tax here. That's why the land and property taxes are so high. Course we do have the excise tax on cars but still that goes down pretty fast as the car ages.

Thanks Honor. You know, for myself, I think every "trauma" and "illness" and so forth always has to do with emotional issues underneath. Even when I have the flu I think of it as more than flu. But that's just me. Thanks for honoring that for me, Honor. Be well, suki

PS to anyone reading these responses, it took me so long to respond today because I've been OUTSIDE soaking up the SUN!!! Yeah.


I'm not real good at it either.
"That was then, this is now" isn't easy,,,but then, the actualization of being at this minute,,,where you're supposed to be,,,for whatever reasons,,,that really does offer comfort, I think.
Glad you got some sunshine,,,,though I would have been happy to ship you some from here. It's cooler today,,,,only 98!

marianne said...

The thing with the license plates would turn me mad as well.

Sorry about the SIL's dog to let go of her. just like she is letting go of life bit by bit. This is sad also for the dog.

It is nearly midnight. Today i finally catched up with blogging....only 3 more days and than I'm off again.....
Tomorrow I want to start a new painting.
Take care Suki!

San said...

Suki, when we moved to NM from CA, there were heel marks all the way across the Rockies. It always takes a while to get used to new places and their odd ways.

I've put roots down in this stubborn desert soil and have come to love it.

You're the kind of person who takes beauty wherever she goes.

I have an award for you...

sukipoet said...

San that's a great way to put it, heel marks across the Rockies. I'll check out your blog. Thanks. Suki

sukipoet said...

Babs, if only we could ship weather around I know there are lots of places that need rain desperately. We had flood warnings all over the place and even a tornado which killed one person. Thanks for you sympathy re: change.

Marianne, yes, it is interesting really to watch a person let go of things. Although SIL is still passionate about her soap operas. Glad you look forward to some days off and to creating a new painting. Happy creating. Suki

m. heart said...

suki, this reminds me of when j and i first met and i moved from ma up to nh for a while to escape from a menacing ex-boyfriend who seemed to be following us everywhere. i hated nh. and waited until the last possible moment to change my registration. positive and unexpected things did happen while i was there int he middle of nowhere though, and i hope the same for you - and that you can someday return to the place you feel most at home. meanwhile, best to keep the car legal. the police can get a little bored up north ;)

human being said...

think that photo of the closed gate is the visual translation of your sincere words...

sometimes we are 'in the moment' with a 'no'... if it's the way we feel, why not just say no?
love the way you face it...

very nice post

kikipotamus said...

It's nice to read this and know I am not the only one who sometimes has trouble letting go of the past and greeting the new HERE. Transitions are not easy. It's been one year for me and I am just now starting to mellow and relax into it. Deep breath. Love, K

sukipoet said...

M. Heart. I lived in NH for about 5 years 30 years ago. So I knew what it was like. I dont mind the summer, its the winter I dread. But yes, best to keep it legal, I agree. I also agree that sometimes isolation of landscape can heal and benefit. I just dont want to be here the rest of my life. thanks for your NH reflections. And oooh about that ex-boyfriend.

thanks Human being. At any rate, transitions are interesting.

Kelly, yes you too made some big changes. thanks for the reminder to breathe. I do forget, not to mention I have slept much for 3 days so I'm a bit under breath.