Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two more studios

Here are photos of Mary's studio on Cape Cod. It is full of light and creativity.
And here is Marianne's studio in the Netherlands. These and all the studios---so wonderful!
photo: grape vines


Kim said...

Thanks Mary's studio was really wonderful. I have often thought I would like to have a sun room turned studio.

I love your photo of the grapevine! Are they concord grapes? Do the vines bear for you?

I wish for you a wonderful weekend!

sukipoet said...

KIm, as you see I've added Marianne too. So great. the grape vines are my brothers and they bear lots of grapes which he has used to make grape jam. I'm not sure what kind they are, maybe there are even two kinds but I think one is concord. Last year he did not pick them nor make jelly as that was when his wife began getting ill. Ditto this year I imagine. Guess when they come I should get myself out there and pick but i cant really eat jelly, too much sugar. And I cant see myself making wine though i'd love it. Have a great WE yourself, KIm.

Annie said...

Both studios are lovely. I work in my kitchen, or where ever I can find space. I dream of having a real, large, sunny studio someday.


Gosh, these peeks into work spaces are so fun!
Some of them are so beautiful I wouldn't be able to work in them,,,I am so messy/sloppy.
Mine is so junked up right now that
I'd be embarrased to show it,,maybe someday.(I should be more organized, but I forgive myself)

We have grapes at the lake,,look just like these,,but I don't know what they are, and haven't done anything with them. The birds and other wildlife enjoy them, so they're not being wasted.

Kim said...

Suki, Isn't Marianne's space beautiful? I understand her need for a space of her own. Her plans sound lovely, don't they?

Ohhh, I have always thought of making wine, but I am not a precise anything, much less food/beverage preparer. My great-grandmother had loads of concord grapes and would make wine every year (although she told very few...tee hee)! Who knows, you might enjoy it.

You could make some jelly to give as gifts or you could just enjoy the fresh grapes! I always think those with the seeds are so flavorful.

You could also ask on your blog for ideas of what you might do with these lovely fruit...who knows the ideas you would get!

Thanks So Much Suki!

Elizabeth said...

Your zinnias are so vibrant and lovely.
A lovely new heading.

sukipoet said...

Annie, a kitchen is good too. Lots of counterspace and a sink handy.

Babs, there were more on my Ponder this sunday post, more spaces that is. Well, i like to see messy studios myself. Mine is usually messy unless I am not doing a project at the moment. The grapes are lovely, I didnt look to see if there were some there waiting to ripen.

Kim, yes I'd love to see Marianne's whole house. Just from this small bit, i'm thinking it's lovely. Yes, could make the jelly for gifts, good idea. I dont think i have the patience for wine making though. How about a grape giveaway? Ha. They'd be mush before they arrived. Thanks for stopping in again. Be well, Suki

Hi Elizabeth. My garden which I just threw together, came out pretty good re: blooming flowers. I have only had to water about 2 times due to all the rain.

Kim said...

I just could do dolmas with the you know? rice wrapped in grape leaves. I think I am spelling it right...maybe not! As Babs can tell you, spelling is not my forte.

Grape give away! Mmmm, I can't imagine how they would travel. Hey! You could sell them at the farmer's market and make some art supply money! How about that...or trade them for wine...Tee Hee!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Boy I think Kim has wine on her mind.. LOL
We have concord grapes too and have made jelly but we quit eating so much sugar so didnt eat it all.
Last years crop wasnt as sweet as it has been. I like the idea of letting people come pick and pay. NO work that way. :))
I like messy studios too. When spick and span clean makes me wonder when they work. I use my sunroom for painting, My dining room table for drawing and a bedroom for my computer. I wish I could have it all in one room. But then I like to be around people when creating so I am portable when need be and right now that is my living room :)
Love seeing these rooms of other artists. thanks for organzing this.

katie jane said...

Hi Suki ~ Isn't Mary's studio fabulous? Don't you just drool over something like that? Sun-drenched and cozy. And Marianne's is so clean and neat and tidy. I'm so messy when I work, but I do try to clean up after myself. Thanks for letting us peek at other people's studios.

sukipoet said...

KIm I like that idea about the grape leaves. I'll look it up on the internet which is fabulous for recipes as most of my cookbooks are in storage. There are tons of leaves. The farmers mkt is an idea too. I could have some of my artwork on the side. There was a woman there one time with her paintings laid out on the lawn.

Cris, pick n pay sounds good to me. But not this year as all those cars might be disturbing to SIL. The grapes are right beside their house. Thanks for your thoughts about the studio posts. My inside studio only looks neat cause I havent done much work inside yet. It has been great fun to see all these and think I'll make a link to them in the sidebar unless someone objects.

Katie Jane it is fun to see where folks work. We didnt get any writers to respond, boo hoo. I like to see writing spaces too. I love going to artists and writer's homes when they are made into museums and seeing their world too. Like Emily Dickinson though i havent been to hers yet.

soulbrush said...

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Please don't mention FY on my new one.
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Hope to see you there!

marianne said...

I will show a picture one day when I work on a painting, then my desk is one big mess! Believe me I am not so tidy as it seems...... :)