Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vote for a farm name

I've been trying out some farm names. See yesterday's post for comments from Honor, Kim, and Human Being re: giving my mom's farm a name and making a sign.

Dragonfly Pond Farm
Ladybug Pond Farm
Hummingbird Pond Farm

Ladybug Acres
Hummingbird Acres
Dragonfly Acres

Ladybug Hill Farm
Hummingbird Hill Farm
Dragonfly Hill Farm

Most of these are names of other farms somewhere in the country. The one's with the word pond in it though I can't find as names of other farms though most likely there are some.

Suggestion box: OR perhaps you have an entirely different name for the farm to suggest?????Please feel free to do so.

Information. Ladybugs: there are hundreds of ladybugs here. Years ago my brother ordered some ladybugs and released them. They keep down mosquitoes or something. They have multiplied greatly through the years. Often, they cover my mom's windows, crawling around endlessly.

Dragonflies. A few years ago when my mom was quite sick I sat out back on the grass amidst hundreds, no exaggeration, well maybe a little, of dragonflies. It was amazing. And mom loves dragonflies.

SIL loves hummingbirds so that's where that came from.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks, Suki


Honour said...

Oh, Suki - I swear you are reading my mind. I was going to suggest you do something like this! I did this for my housewarming for my condo (my first mortgage) ... and I loved the ideas that came through. I was really excited reading your options.

So far my favorite two are Ladybug Acres and Dragonfly Acres. Apparently, my thesaurus says that Canadians also call farms "river lots" ... so you could try Ladybug Lot. Or maybe Dragonfly Fields. Or Artist's Acres. Or even just Hummingbird Hill. Oh I hope I'm not making it worse!

I'm sure with everyone's ideas, by the end you'll find something that calls to you :) looking forward to hearing the decision ...

Patti said...

Dragonfly Haven - ?

I love dragonflys!

I have been trying to think up a name for my house and it's not so easy!

sukipoet said...

Hi HOnor. That's cool about naming your condo. What name did you choose.

I like Fields on the end. There are lots of fields too and i hadn't thought of that. i also was trying to think of a name that would reflect art/poetry or something. of course once Mom dies, this place will belong to my brother. In fact he and SIL had lots of plans for the place already ie; they think of it as theirs already. so no idea what their reaction to my giving it a name will be.

Patti--I found it so hard to even BUY a house, because it seemed to personal and particular and importnant somehow, that I ended up very regrettable not buying a house. so cudos to you for buying a house and Honor too. It's brave.

Now for naming it Patti. I imagine it will rise up some day in your mind and be there.

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Since you are unsure about how your brother and SIL will feel about the name, why not consider something creative which reflects their particular interests and honors your mother as well? I would have to consider this in a more logical way with lists of word ideas, then put them together. I think the art part can come when you compose and produce the sign!

I will say that of your list, I am partial to the ones with "pond" in the name...I think because the pond is so important to you! :) Maybe if your brother is of the contemplative type, then something with the word "reflective" might be interesting as it encompasses the reflection of the water and the soul. Just thoughts....

I am eager to hear how it all turns out.

sukipoet said...

thanks kim. I'll probably ask my brother's opinion once I settle on a couple of ideas. Of course he can change the name once Mom dies and the place becomes his. SIL won't be around long according to all predictions. She may die before Mom does. I too like Pond in the title.

Anonymous said...

I like the word "pond" also. And Kim's "reflective" thoughts.

Reflecting Pond Farm
Circle of Life Farm - Oh! Too Disney.
Reflecting Nature Farm
Mirror Pond Farm
Reflective Acres

Lynn said...

Lots of fun ideas for names here.
I'll let you choose.
Not sure why you saw a yellow ladybug, but she was really light orange. Must be your monitor. (?)
What do you inherit if brother gets the farm?

Enjoy the dragonflies and the butterflies and the ladybugs and the pond...the peacefulness and sernity of it all.

Peaceful Pond
Serinity Farm
Oy, now I am doing it too.

Kim said...

Suki, it sounds like a lot of change happening around you right now. I am sure your brother would like the idea of having this part of you included in the whole name and the sign would be a beautiful thing for him to carry forth with the farm!

Peace to You, Suki!

sukipoet said...

Chewy, thanks for your ideas. I'll reflect on them! I like Mirror Pond and also using the word Nature. great suggestions.

Lynn, I like your ideas too, re: peaceful. Hmm, lots of good ideas. I inherit the furnishings. A great irony as where will I put them? My brother will have two houses and i'll be living in my car. :)

Kim, that's a great thought. It can be a gift to him. The sign, the naming. I'll just think of it that way.

Cris in Oregon said...

I dont know.. how about combining the three and call it the Dragon ladybird farm. :)Ok just kidding.
How about shadow pond ...for the lovely shadows that show in the pond. There are oodles of ideas her in this post. Well your brother cant live in two houses can he?

Elizabeth said...

I just like the idea of the pond.
Just "POND FARM" - sort of sqare and uncluttered.
Unromantic but strong.
I'm hopeless at naming things.
Hope you find a name that suits EVERYONE!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Bluebell Pond :-)
You klnow - I have to include blue.....

sukipoet said...

thanks Cris. Shadow Pond. That sounds nice. Once mom and SIL die, and if i move away, my bro will be up here alone with two houses. Maybe he's going to rent one out. Before SIL got ill, I think they were going to move over here to Mom's place. They are in the original farmhouse which is very close to the road.

elizabeth, I tend not to be good at naming things either. Keeping it simple is a good idea.

Britt-Arnhild. In fact blue is my SIL's favorite color. I don't think there are any bluebells here but I think I saw some at the greenhouse today. I could plant some. Something with blue anyway.

Oh so many good ideas. What to choose, what to choose!!!

human being said...

Ladybug Pond Farm

the pond on your mother's property has got a character, i think...
so the name and sign may include this feature...
and since it is the source of calm and serenity of the place...

what about Pacific Pond Property?

sukipoet said...

thanks HB I think the pond is my favorite place on this farm.

Honour said...

Oh, so many ideas for you to pick from! That's so good. Go with the one that calls you, I think. If no one likes it later, they can change it. When I named my place, I made it a party game. I asked friends to suggest names, I picked the top three, then asked my friends to vote which reflected my personality the most. The person whose suggestion won, got a prize. It ended up being "Roxita's Casita" (translated to Little Roxy's Little House) ... I was a Spanish translator when I volunteered overseas ... hence the Spanish in the name!

sukipoet said...

Honor, that is so fun, that you made it all into a game. I love the name of your condo. It sounds like it reflects some of you and your history. And Come on over to my Casita sounds so much nicer than come on over to my condo.

Mim said...

House and Land vs. furnishings? maybe I'm missing something here???

Dragonfly Heaven?
Blue Dragonfly Pond?

I'm stuck!

Forever Young said...

i'm with elizabeth,

sukipoet said...

Mim, thanks for your suggestions. Blue Dragonfly pond sounds cool.

FY true sometimes simple is best. I'll go through these and make a list and do another post on the naming progress soon.