Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I've been feeling restless, inadequate, frustrated by my painting. So yesterday morning I took a walk. Usually it takes an hour, but yesterday I went the full circle for an hour and 15 minutes or so. This bird's nest was near the pond.

The fields are greening. I think this is alfalfa which a local farmer who owns many acres plants and cultivates as fodder for his cows. My parents also allow him to use their fields to plant alfalfa. They came by the other day to fertilize.

The pond is full after much rain. Interesting that no one who lives here ever got a little boat. I long to float on the pond, which is very small but lovely. I also ponder the fact that neither my parents nor my brother have named this farm. It probably had a name via the previous owner, but I think if I lived here permanently I'd be pretentious and give it a name and make a sign too.

Patterns along the roadside.

Ah, my meditation bench is still here. I replaced the top board which had blown off in the winter I guess. I don't know who made this bench but it is located about half way on my walk so I sit here and rest a bit and watch the water.

A four way crossroads. Hmm, which direction shall I go in?


Cris in Oregon said...

You have the best water pictures. You capture those reflections so well with your camera. What a different walk in the Spring time it is. Thanks for sharing the lovely country side.

Honour said...

Suki, lovely pictures. Especially of your meditation bench by the little pool of water. Why pretentious to give it a name? And why not a sign? And why not even if you didn't live there permanently? I think it would be nice ... when I was a student, hopping residences/apartments every four months, I'd give each place a name, so I could feel a bit grounded.

Kim said...


Thank you for taking us along on your walk. I understand the restlessness with your painting. I have really struggled a bit lately with getting back into it all. Right now, I am just doing something...anything at all. I think the thing is we expect to constantly be at the top of our game all the time and how exhausting is that?

Funny about the farm name...why don't you go ahead and give it a name yourself. Maybe that can be your art project...a sign with the farm name you give it. I think there are just people who don't think of things like that! :) I am like you, though, I would give it a name...I even name my car! LOL Your farm there is a lovely does deserve you giving it a name and a sign.

Thank you so much, Suki!

Anonymous said...

My walk is nowhere as nice as yours. More concrete and cars.

I'm on a painting break for a little while. So much to do in the spring.

sukipoet said...

Cris, I was esp proud of that pond picture with the double house, the real and the reflected.

Honor, great idea. I could name it. Though I've not come up with a name I like yet. Signwise, I don't have a lot of talent with making signs. I'd want someone else to do it I think, someone who carves signs.

Kim, I think I "ruined " one of my oil paintings the other day. But I know, I can just let that area dry and paint over it.

I guess most everyone suggests I give the farm a name and a sign so I'll work on that. Good idea.

Chewy, I actually like "city" or town walks the best as I can see people. Here, I see nature and very very few people. Nature is good of course. And I'm coming to like it better the longer I am here.

Forever Young said...

a walk always does the trick, and i love the meditation do you feel now?

human being said...

wow these photos are magnificent and in sharp contrast to the title... you know how to change your restlessness into art...

i loved especially that photo with the reflection of the trees and the house in the water... i just loved to look at the reflections and found them more beautiful than the real ones... then thought if it was true in our life,too... are reflections sometimes more beautiful than reality?

me too think it will be lovely if you choose a name and a sign...

Lynn said...

I hope the walk lifted your spirits and that you returned renewed and refreshed to tackle you art work.

I don't see naming the farm as pretentious at all. More a way of giving her her due. A sign is nice idea too.

All the scenery is beautiful there.
Thanks for taking us on your walk with you.

katie jane said...

Oh Suki, what a lovely piece of property. I think you shoud get an inner tube and float around the pond this summer! And don't forget the paddle so you can get back to shore. Your walk is so serene. When we had a pond I loved to see what life was there. Frogs, fish, ducks and babies, turtles, snakes and birds. I had such fun flipping through my bird and reptile and plant books to identify what I saw.

Mary Richmond said...

thanks for taking us on your walk--very lovely day!

sixty-five said...

Wonderful walk, wonderful bench!

sukipoet said...

FY, I definitely feel better after a walk out in the fresh air and this is a wonderful time of year to be outside. Lifts the spirits.

HB I have enjoyed recently looking at the reflections and this time i was on the other side of the pond so I saw the house reflected. Sometimes reflections seem more dream-like and hazy and can set one to meditating. Of course they are always reversed. When I look at myself in the mirror I know i am not really seeing me as other's do. Only one dimension whereas others see me on all sides or they can.

Thanks lynn. Yes, a certain rugged beauty, mostly uncultivated. Those homes that have gardens on this dirt road, have vegetables and I have seen no flowers gardens! Practical people I guess.

Katie, an inner tube. I hadn't thought of that. I was thinking a rubber boat sort of thing, but that would be more expensive. The pond goes down to very small once the rains stop but I could still float a bit.

Mary, I thought you might enjoy the walk. Lots of nature here with a capital N, though so different from Cape Cod.

Sixty-five, I love this bench. That there was even someone in this practical bunch that lives around here with enough "dreaming" spirit to create the bench heartens me. Plus I love to sit on it.