Friday, May 30, 2008

Sheaves Day Two

I'm just guessing here but I think this machine sucks up the cut grass and blows it into the cart.

And I just washed my car.

The cart fills up the truck.

I think this guy rakes and fluffs the grass before it is sucked up. I kept trying to get a good photo of the rakes and kept missing.

But the last time the tractor passed my, he lifted the rakes like a peacock his tail. Goodbye till next time. Click to enlarge and see the rakes.


Kim said...

Suki, that machine is taking the grain (seeds from the top) from the stalk of the grass. I can't see very well what kind of grass or grain it is from the photos, though. Not that I would really know, anyway. :)

It is a very dusty effort, without a doubt.

He will want that grass to dry out before he bales it up, too. It will be interesting to see what he does next...plant something new or allow this same grass to grow again.

This is fun to watch...I can see it happen without dealing with the allergic effects as I did as a child.

Thanks Suki!

Cris in Oregon said...

We see this here too. It is fasinating. Our ex-neighbors had this done on new property to feed their horses one year but they couldnt get it dry enough when it was bailed and it molded. so it was useless. right now with so much rain it cant be done.

Cris in Oregon said...

ps. Interesting that you are bone dry right now after all that snow you had for months.

sukipoet said...

Kim oh thanks for clarifying what was going on here. You are the expert at this I guess having grown up on a farm. Oh dear, to be allergic to this dust, what agony. They just let the same grass grow again. The mailman, who was here dropping off my Amazon order at the time, said they do it 4 times a year.

Cris, yes, I think the snow melt moisture has gone. Driving down the dirt road is a trip into dustville. :)

Cestandrea said...

Wow, you know, when I see this I can smell of the hay, which is a thousand times more precious than Midnight Poison by Christian Dior:)
My mom who grew up on a farm tells me that the first hay in the year is the most rich one as food for animals. And for the hay they make later in late summer they even have another name:)

human being said...

very interesting... these are not the things we can see everyday... that's why watching them is exciting..
thanks Suki for sharing

thanks a lot also for your kind words on my blog... they really warmed my heart.

sukipoet said...

Andrea, I just have to laugh at the perfume name, Midnight Poison. Yes, the sounds, sights and smells here this summer are wonderful to this suburban woman.

Human Being, I am thinking of you as you mourn your dear Aunt. So sorrowful to say goodbye to our beloved friends and relatives. Hugs hugs to you.

human being said...

thanks for your kindness and concern... your words always help elevate my spirits..
Hugs to you too
and kisses

CHEWY said...

Thanks for the pics. I don't see any farm activity in my city neighborhood. Very interesting.