Saturday, May 31, 2008


A few geraniums in pots that I will move soon to the side of the barn.

I bought a hosta for this front garden. I love hostas and really should get another for
Chives that are growing outside the garden boundary. I'll move them into the garden after they are done flowering.

Parsley, lemon balm, and in the back yellow johnny jump ups.

Basil and foxglove. Rosemary in the back. Chives.

Primroses. It is so dry that many of these plants drooped for a few days until I took to watering them individually, making a hole in the dirt with my finger and guiding the water under the top soil.

Pansies make such a great picture. There is still a lot of empty space in the garden. Waiting for inspiration.


Kim said...


Your garden is looking so very beautiful! Wow! I love herbs and have my own growing in pots. I also have to cover them, because the deer also love them! I know you have been working hard on your garden spot and the results are showing through.

You will soon be painting these plants.

Beautiful, Suki!

Cris in Oregon said...

Looking good. I love the last photo of the pansy's. It's really pretty.

Lynn said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely...I love the panseys best...thanks for putting that house with reflection on your banner. I love that photo.
Have a good trip where ever you are off to...knock when you return...although I will be gone a while too, but will check in from the road when I can.

sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. Hope they don't all die for lack of water while I'm away although I asked the woman who will stop in to check on mom to water so they should be ok.

Cris, it's really hard to take a bad photo of pansy's.

Lynn, I put the photo up at your suggestion. Hope you have a great road trip too. Bon jour.

Annie said...

Lovely photos. I did some gardening this week too, I should
follow your lead and get some photos...

marianne said...

Oh pansies, I love them....... not only the look but the texture of the petals. I love violet jam and in Sweden I always buy violet candies.
Glad everything is growing now and green there. Enjoy it Suki!



Also enjoyed seeing them 'bringing in the sheaves' in your previous post. Beautiful!

katie jane said...

You have a wonderful herb garden! Lots of nice plants. Much more than I have, although my sage is in full bloom right now and makes a show-stopper in the front yard.

Love the pansies picture. What a great watercolor that would make.

Honour said...

Suki, you say that it is hard to take a bad pictures of pansies ... but the point is - your pansies are beautiful! My pansies don't look like yours. I love the picture of the chives. I can almost smell them!

human being said...

wow... your garden looks marvelous...
each of them are a scene of beauty...
loved looking at them, Suki
very refreshing

Anonymous said...

I have chives that are flowering too. I was weeding barefoot and stepped on a few. Chive perfumed footsies!