Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A day in the sun

Saturday was clear and warm in the sun. I lay on a rock near the barn.

I love being hot. Heat fills me with energy and gets my creative ideas flowing. My preference for this creative thinking that looks like being lazy is a lounge lawn chair, but I don't have one here. The rock retains the heat so it's like having a hot rock treatment to lie on top of it.

Bibbity is queen of the mountain. She reminds me of her lion ancestors here.

Old farm equipment lies about getting rusty. An ax on the corner foundation of what once was a chicken house.
Melange of rust.


Cestandrea said...

Love the rock and the blue sky and the old foundation with moss on it, and the beautifully rusted equipment. The ax looks great:)
And Bibbity looks great too,
oh what a nice place to be, a rock to lye on. Hmmm I can smell the grass. Thanks for sharing these sunloaden photographs.

Cris in Oregon said...

A rock with a view. I felt like I was laying on the rock looking up too. I too like it warmer. but at the 103 that we had all I could do was moan.. LOL. but I do more creative thinking when it is warm.

Cris in Oregon said...

PS. I forgot to thank you for you lovely comment on my tribute to my Mom post today. She was special.

Kim said...

Thanks Suki!

Isn't it funny how American farms can be like that with the rusty equipment, etc.? My father's farm is much the same way in spots...sans the rocks. :) You do have to admit the ax is pretty awesome sitting there.

This looks like an incredible spring day in your-neck-of-the-woods. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

I like warm, but do not do well with hot! Our spring has been cool this year and I don't mind one little bit. The heat and humidity will be here soon enough.


sukipoet said...

Hi andrea. It was a nice place to lie. The only warm day in weeks.

Cris, I don't think i've ever been somewhere that hot but I'd like to experience it.

You are so welcome re: comments on yr blog. That must have taken some time to put together, a number of emotions must have been evoked by looking at all those photos. It's a lovely post.

sukipoet said...
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sukipoet said...
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sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. It was an incredible day and I feel so luck i was able to enjoy it all. So wonderful you were brought up on a farm. Or maybe it wasn't so wonderful. This place was my Dad's retirement selection. He never farmed himself.

Kathiesbirds said...

What a nice blog you have! I found you on Sandpiper's blog. I am going to add your link to my Kathiespoettree blog. I am just getting it started but I like poetry and art also. Collage is one of my favorites as well as sculpting. I love the barn and sky photo. It would be perfect for Skywatch Friday. Nice work!

marianne said...

The rock idea is great, your own wellness within reach. One big hot rock........so cool.
Glad that finally you are having warm weather. I like hot weather as well, I come alive with warm weather. I never complain when we have a heatwave.
Bibbity is cute! It's easier to see a mountainlion in a cat than a wolf in a chihuahua........
Cats are still close to their ancestors.
Suki I wish you a lot of sunshine!

Sandpiper said...

I love all the different perspectives, angles and shadows. The kitty is so beautiful! Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

The shapes, colors and angles of the barn photo is very graphic. I likey.

sukipoet said...

Kathiesbirds--thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I'll check out yr blog soon

Marianne, the hot weather stayed but a short time. Rain and damp right now. Much sunshine to you too.

Sandpiper, thanks. Bibs is a pretty awesome kitty.

Chewy, glad you liked the barn angle.The world is so different when you are lying on the ground.

Forever Young said...

uh uh i don't like the sun anymore...not to lie in, but love seeing it when i wake up in the morning and knwoing it's going to shine all day (rare in london!)

San said...

Love your melange of rust--I'm into rust and weathered surfaces. Bibbity does look majestic there. And I hear you with regard to the energy of the sun in a warm rock. It's something to soak up.


I surely enjoyed your day in the sun, Suki. Our spring might be almost over,,,,we're into the high 80's now. Summer can be brutal here.
Warm rocks and bare feet,,,one of my favorite things.
Ever had a hot stone massage? It's super terrific!
I appreciate your love for rusty things,,,,makes me think about getting older, how our facade changes,,,but we remain the same on the inside. Still strong, like that old ax.
Incredibly artsy photos, thanks!

sukipoet said...

Forever YOung. I totally understand your reluctance to sit in the sun. It is not a good idea really, healthwise. But I wait all winter to be hot, I must. More a mental health thing.

San, the rust is great isn't it. Although I must say I don't like metal in general and don't like to touch rusty metal things. When I was in Santa Fe on time, I sat out in the May sun and got very burned. The sun is different out there I think.

Babs, I havent had a stone massage per se but my shiatsu massage person would often use hot stones during the shiatsu and I loved them. I love what you say about rust. Changing on the outside while the same on the inside. That's lovely. And wow, thanks for saying my photos are artsy. Yikes. I'll get a swelled head!!! Take care, Suki