Monday, May 19, 2008

Animal Lovers Check out this post! on Sandpiper's blog

Squirrels wrestling.

San from A life with a view gave David Mcmahon a blog Excellence award. It was on his blog that I found the link to Sandpiper's blog and the squirrels. Just to give credit where credit is due.


Sandpiper said...

Oh, that's so nice of you. Thank you! You have a great blog. I'm looking forward to exploring some more.

San said...

Suki, thank you for posting the link to my blog. Now to check out the squirrels...


Thanks for the heads up on the squirrels,,,what fun!

I also enjoyed strolling around with you in the photos below,,,and peeking in those windows!

Cestandrea said...

Suki, thanks so much for that wonderful link. Another window into nature, how I loved these squirrels, they made me laugh, and are soooo cutre

sukipoet said...

Sandpiper, it was such fun seeing those baby squirrels and kudos for you for standing by with camera for the whole story.

San, thank you for posting the link to David's blog. I wouldn't have missed those baby squirrels for the world as they say and whatever that means.

Babs, thanks. Glad you enjoyed windows and squirrels.

Andrea, in this country a lot of people scourge squirrels though I've always liked them. And these guys were totally fun.