Monday, April 28, 2008

Nature's balm

Finally on Sunday afternoon I took my cranky self down to the pond.

I wanted a few shots from the very edge of the bank. I had to risk my ankles stepping over and remembering to avoid this barbed wire. Most of it was close to the ground.

Another white flowered tree. Definitely not an apple tree. Shadbush, as I now know from Mary's comment. Thanks Mary. Very pretty. And smells good too.

Fiddleheads. You can pick them and stir fry them when they are curled like this. In fact, in the old days you could find them for sale in local shops in the spring. I don't know about nowadays. If you let them be, they become ferns.

Various interesting patterns and colors of fungus growing on logs.

These almost look like shells.

See the bird's nest in the very center of the photo? I couldn't get any closer without getting wet.
Click to enlarge.

Another view through tangled vines. When I reached here I ran out of picture space but had found my center, a calm that comes from wandering through nature's balm.


Mary Richmond said...

That's shadbush with the white blossoms! Native Americans called it that because when it bloomed it meant the shad and herring were starting to "run"

yes, i know a lot of odd random nature things ;-)

glad you're enjoying your walks!

sukipoet said...

thanks Mary, for the info. It has a nice smell too.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the countryside is balm for us all.
So why do I live in cities?
These were beautiful gentle photos.
Wish I wasn't off being exotoc but just quiet somewhere........

Cestandrea said...

Oh beautiful, how calm and soothing.
I love your pictures, Suki. The white blossomed tree, the nest with the little budding spring-green leaves around, the peak through the branches:)
Lovely, thanks for sharing. Sure that this is good against crankyness,

Cestandrea said...

PS and thanks mary and suki, I have learned a new word: shadbush.
It is translated into german as kanadische Felsenbirne, which would be (literally translated) Canadian rockpear:) how lovely::) and funny cause shadbush has nothing to do with pears, do does it?

Sara said...

great landscape to get lost in... I hope your hand gets better! thanks for your many nice comments!
I must take photos in our ponds to show in the blog...

Britt-Arnhild said...

Nature is great at this time of the year.....and always.

Kim said...


These photos are so wonderful...thank you for sharing them.

I know what you mean about nature being a balm for our moods. This sounds crazy, but we are cool and rainy here right now and I am loving it. Everything is green and blooming, but this weather reminds me of a place I loved and miss very much. Being reminded of the beauty in each day helps a lot, doesn't it?

I am glad you are feeling better!

marianne said...

Oh how good this walk has centered you. I'm glad you are enjoying the signs of spring. Here nature is a little ahead, after a sunny and warm weekend it's raining again, time for other things.....

Cris in Oregon said...

These are very artistic shots. some even look asian in the way you got them. A walk is a good cure for depression. It gets the endophins and what nots working togther to perk you up mentally and physically.We have started our early morning walks up again. So here I am late in blogging. :)

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh and..I wonder what bird nests in the little nest you too pix of. did you see any eggs in it?

katie jane said...

Hey Suki! So glad you could come to the Flower Show with Millie and me.

It would be lovely if you could come to Cincinnati again some day. I could show you around and we could 'do lunch'. I try to spice up my blog with things going on around town. Just looking at stuff I've made all the time gets boring. I love to look at life in other parts of the country and world.

sukipoet said...

Cris I don't know what bird made that nest and i couldnt get close enough to see inside as it was out over the water. I thought some of the photos looked Asian too. Nature's brush painting.

Elizabeth, cities have their benefits and after you showed us that park, the nearby? ocean and other lovely sites I think you too have much of nature about you. A balm in a different way perhaps.

Andrea, I know you love the nature shots here and on other bogs. Maybe the blossom is reminiscent of a pear tree blossom.

Sara, I'd love to see your pond too. This was a man-made pond made by the farmers who once owned the property.

Britt-arnhild, I think i forget how wonderful nature is or I take it for granted. I made this walk a slow and careful one. That's how I found the bird's nest i had overlooked before.

Kim, it is raining cats and dogs here today too and the field has turned a lovely green because of it. It's good to have a rainy day once in awhile to sort of calm one down and slow one down, at least it does that for me.

Wow, it's raining in the Netherlands too. How funny. So far away yet similar weather wise, also raining at Kim's place too.

sukipoet said...

Katie Jane, how did I miss your comment. You never know, I may come to Cincinnati to see S. and then I could meet you too. Be well, suki

Anonymous said...

Twisting branches and vines capture my eye, they're nature's scribbles on the landscape.

sukipoet said...

Chewy, I love that...nature's scribbles. Thanks.