Thursday, March 27, 2008

Medical world

It is a new thing for me to be dealing with doctors, medications and physical illness close up (via my Mom). I am amazed at the way the patient's body and balance are manipulated through the medications that the doctors add in and take out with abandon. One minute medication A is okay. The next medication B is the one. Mom's primary physician did not list her tamoxifin (post breast cancer and prescribed by the surgeon that she is supposed to take for life) on his meds list so every time she's in the hospital she doesn't get it.

Doctors talk in percentages and measurements. They do tests. Even vets do nowadays. They take ex-rays, cat scans and poor mom endures a blood draw almost every day. Her veins are very difficult to get into, yet she never complains.

Why the heck do they need all this blood? Rhetorical question. Being a doctor's daughter and coming from a scientific family background, I know the logical, left-brained answer to this. They take the blood to navigate manipulating the medications. But I'm sorry, I find it absurd. I can't see myself enduring it being done on my body without protest.

Mom moves from one physical trauma to another, yet through it all she keeps a good spirit and will to heal. She believes in the healing powers of doctors and medicine so these are things she chooses and wants. I know medicine helps a lot of people.

I guess for my personal self, I have been blessed to have no chronic illness and/or acute illnesses although as a child I once died of a hemmorhage. So I have rarely dealt with doctors. And when I do I often do not follow their advice. Why am I on no meds at the age of 62? One reason is that fact-- I rarely go to doctors. I am sure if I did they'd find something about me that needed medication. But then again if my doctor looked like this dude above.........:)

I do care for my health by going to a homeopathic nurse practitioner, an herbalist, getting massages, eating relatively well and moderately (I've weighed 110 lbs for years), practicing yoga daily and almost daily walks. I also make my own herbal tinctures and teas from medicinal herbs I grow or wildcraft (only for myself, of course.) So maybe I have this attitude about my own health care because I have no illnesses, knock on wood.

I am happy for Mom to make her own health choices and would never impose my ideas on her or anyone else. We must each choose our own paths health-wise and otherwise. I think I'm just finding it difficult to be somewhat "responsible" for Mom's wellbeing and healthcare and unsure sometimes what the best direction to go in is. Of course, my brother is involved too and he is the health care proxy so his view carries more weight than mine but so far we have agreed it's up to mom to determine what is best in most circumstances. Although we have to step in in acute illness times as the ill person is not necessarily thinking clearly or seeing the bigger picture.


Forever Young said...

i have also posted something about health today, much on my mind too,warm hugs to you and your mom at this time.

Natalya said...

very well said...I hope your mom is better soon and I admire your perseverance and use of natural medicine...

human being said...

I really appreciate your liberal attitude toward your mom's choice.

And I do relate to all you said about allopathic medication. I use homeopathic remedies when needed. I wish we had homeopatic hospitals here... like many other countries.
Do you have any there?

Cris in Oregon said...

Yes I agree. Very well said.
I went thru My Moms illness. Makes one think after something like that. I dont think I could endure all she went thru.

Annie said...

I am a year younger than you, SukiPoet but I have much the same feelings you do about medicine. It's so intrusive that I resist, withdraw, refuse unless I am convinced I really must try it. And I've been lucky to not need much intervention in my life.

Best wishes to your mom.

sukipoet said...

Thanks forever young. I'll check out your post. Thanks Natalya, mom seems to be doing a bit better now.

human being, I have never heard of a homeopathic hospital!! Wow. I bet that would be a different experience. As far as I know we do not have one here. In fact, homeopathy is probably used by the minority of people. It is not covered by insurance and many people do not choose to do any healing modalities that they have to pay out of pocket for.

Thanks Cris. Of course, I suppose we never know what we will do in any situation until the situation arises. Before that it is all theory.

Hi Annie. YOu are? I thought, from your photo, you were in your thirties!! Thanks for your best wishes for mom.

Mary Richmond said...

i take no medication either, a fact that always seems to surprise the doctors. i have very high blood pressure but try to walk, eat well and am losing weight. i also don't eat/use salt so i'm doing what i can. i hope your mom is at least at peace with her treatment. my own mother had great faith in doctors, too....

Cestandrea said...

Difficult times, keep up the good mood, and I hope your mom will soon be better,

Lynn said...

Oy. My heart goes out to all of you in this medical mire. I envy it not. I dread coming to that time in my own life. I do not want to be poked and probed and drawn from. I am not a good patient and would not do it calmly and quietly.
Blessings to your mom and to you and your brother as well.

Anonymous said...

I am like you, I often override my GP's advice and prefer to do my own research and put together my own treatments. In my new job, I am amazed to see that almost without exception, the answer to everything is test, test, test, medicate, medicate, medicate. Then medicate the side-effects of the original meds.

My heart goes out to you in this most trying of circumstances.

marianne said...

So good you can let people make their own choices!
Poor mom with all that blood taken, sometimes patients seems like guinea pigs.
I'm glad your mother wants to get better and goes for it.
I don't like to take pills but lately I'm stuffed with them..... Hope to find bance again

sukipoet said...

Thanks Mary. I don't eat salt either except for once in awhile. Andrea and Lynn mom seems to be doing better, is stronger. Thanks Kikipotamus. It's all an interesting adventure. marianne, hope you do find balance again and thanks for your concern. Be well, Suki