Saturday, March 29, 2008


After waiting three weeks for the first layer of paint to dry out in my damp and cold studio I finally brought these paintings inside which helped speed things up. I then began my first glazing attempt. A lot of Liquin, yes I bought some, and a very little paint. The changes are subtle but I like them.

Next, according to Collette Browning in Working Out a Painting, I need to do some direct painting with very little medium, let it dry again, then do another glaze. I am using only three colors besides white. Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue. These are the only tubes I own at the moment.

I haven't liked this painting from the get-go but I like it better now that I have added some glazing. Still, even though these were 3 weeks dry, I lifted off some of the original layer of paint when I glazed. I painted with oils back in the mid nineties and I don't remember it being this picky and difficult technically.

In an earlier post I said I would share my attempts to watercolor as I go along. This one I drew first and just colored in. I find watercolor as befuddling now as I did before.


Lynn said...

Seems to me all the paintings are coming along beautifully well.
I like them all, like the lines, the tones, the flow of them.
And the bowl of flowers brightens my day as well.

Wondering how your mom is doing, and hoping for the best.

human being said...

Oh! All of them are going on well. I love them.....the subject, the composition and the way the layers of colors are formed all talk to me.
I love the watercolor,too. So lively.
Best wishs for you and well wishes for dear mom.
Thanks for all your insightful comments on my blog. Suki, I really appreciate them and enjoy reading them. It is so soothing to see you've got understanding friends.

Mary Richmond said...

my, you are a patient woman! i could never wait 3 weeks for a painting to dry and then wait again ;-)

i really like the way these are coming out--and i love the spontaneity in the watercolor! thanks for supporting my efforts to raise $$$ for breast cancer research, too!

Forever Young said...

your watercolour is good. i love watercolours. the glazing is a new one for me (i am such a novice when it comes to any new art ideas.)

Cris in Oregon said...

Interesting how your paints are taking so long to dry. Mine dont take that long at all. It MUST be cold in there. I paint in thin layers too. But I see a reason they are drying slow...Cadmium colors in paints all seem to dry slow. But NOT that slow.
These are coming out beautiful. Glazing is a cool thing to do. I did my lantern painting by slowly layering a glaze over and over until I got the light I desired.
and yep I too find watercolors befuddling. So opposite from Oils.
Sorry I missed this post yesterday. I checked by never saw it.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh I forgot to say I too am wondering how your Mom is doing. Is she back in the rehab place yet?
Hope she is doing better.

sukipoet said...

thanks for the comments and thoughts re: my paintings. Another reason they may have taken so long to dry is my medium did not have damar varnish in it.

I have no patience with waiting Mary but had to wait. Maybe the paintings are teaching me patience. I am sure I've been doing something wrong though.

Cris it is also damp in the studio and at night i turn the heat way down so that may account. I don't know. Oh well, onward. PS I may not have posted this until later in the day.

marianne said...

Beautiful paintings! Indeed you have to have patience for oil painting. (I don't have, so I guess that why I use acrylic, but painting mandala's teaches me some patience, one of my lessons in life...)
I'm amazed by how productive you always are!

Cestandrea said...

Great paintings, love to watch the progress and I love the colours.

sukipoet said...

Marianne. I think what i like about oils is you can constantly revise though I guess you can do that with acrylics too. But I find it easier to glaze with oils.

Andrea I think there is a lot more work to be done on these but I will continue on.