Saturday, March 22, 2008

The joy, the sorrow, play

At the rehab center I saw a dapper elderly man(late 80's or so) with no teeth dancing the tango in the hallway with one of the employees.

This morning eleven deer leaped and cavorted across the field, then across the road into the far field and woods. Some lagged along. Some leapt like lamps in the spring.

Mom was sent to the hospital Friday afternoon from the rehab center due to a minor heart attack. The rehab center did not call either me or my brother so we did not learn about this until Saturday morning. She is in intensive care.

Not a lot of focus or energy for work however have been playing with combining cloth (canvas) and paper and stitches. This is in process.


Anonymous said...

The Tango? My God, what a world. Out of nowhere something like that. The deer. I am so sorry the rehab centre didn't contact either you or your brother immediately. That seems inexcusable, no? My thoughts are with you, Suki.

human being said...

Oh God! So sad to hear your mom is in the hospital again. And it's so frustrating when others do not behave much concernedly about our dear ones.
Suki, your art is so expressive and radiant even in the time of sadness. I loved it... it's like a bridge over the torrents of the river of life.

Cestandrea said...

Dear Suki, I'm so sorry about your mom!!!
My thoughts are with you too, and I find your artwork very very lovely, soft and lovely.
Talk to you soon,

Cris in Oregon said...

So many feelings going on. Spring is making everything happy but the sadness of your mom dulls it for you. I cannot believe the unconcern of the rehab place for not letting you know. How awful for you all.

Cris in Oregon said...

I forgot to mention your lovely work you are doing. It is soft and lovely.
Please do keep us all updated on your Mom because we all do care.

sukipoet said...

thanks everyone for your thoughts and concern. The worst thing is Mom asked the rehab people to call me. So she lay there all night perhaps wondering why I hadn't called.

Actually sometimes it is spring or other seasonal transitions when people who have been hanging on all winter let go and fade. Odd. But more from the transition I think. The threshold between one season and another. Which mirrors the threshold between this life and the next.

I just don't like to see Mom suffer so with pain and fear. To assuage myself I watched a wonderful movie today called "Vitus." About a young piano prodigy. Improbable but moving.

Lynn said...

Suki I am so sorry your mom is back in hospital. How hard this must be on all of you. My heart goes out to you and I hold your mom in my thoughts...may she not suffer there. A shame about the staff not calling you. I hope that do not repeat that mistake.
Good that you can create while all this is going on. Life going on. But I remember this sadness when it befell our family, my mother...
so...I send hugs to you all.

human being said...

I have tagged you on my blog ...
Will be glad if you accept to take part in the play.

Annie said...

Be brave, Sukipoet. It is hard when family is ill.

Mary Richmond said...

my thoughts are with you and your family--these are difficult days. hopefully you are finding some peace in things like 11 cavorting deer. love to you!

Cestandrea said...

Suki, just a quick note to let you now that I didn't even click on the shakadal comment, I fear it is a sort of advertisement with risk of virus, si I will delete it, haven't got around it it but will do it now.
Now and then some weird comments like that show up, with no real comment in it, so I never go were they tell me to but delete it immediately,
hugs and hope your Mom gets better!

Lynn said...

Popping back in to wish you a good Easter. I hope mom is resting well.
I hope you are too.
Hugs Suki! Hugs.

Forever Young said...

gosh suki, i am sorry,i was specially upset because no one rang you, that is unforgiveable. is she conscious and communicating? hugs and thoughts.

sukipoet said...

thank you all. Mom is on oxygen, is conscious and coherent and has now fluid in her lungs. They say she had a heart attack.

Am feeling guilt that i was not a good enough nurse to mom. she speaks in "hints" and I am not good about picking up hints in fact often have to be hit over the head with something. So I feel there were lots of signs of problems I did not pick up on early enough.

Andrea I did click on the Shakdal link but afterwards I did a virus scan with my Norton and it seems okay. Whew.

Again thank you everyone for your sendings of courage and caring. Be well, Suki

Patti said...

Please don't beat yourself up Suki. Not all nurses are good ones, but not all patients are good at communicating either. It is as it is. The important thing is that she is now in a place that can care for her and you can perhaps relax a little in this knowledge. I am thinking of you at this not so easy time.

marianne said...

Oh dear, how terrible about your mom!
I really hope she will recover from this.
How bad they didn't warn you! Makes me angry.
Wish you strenght! My thoughts will be with you and your mother!
Don't feel guilty, you did all you could.
I feel sad about this.....