Monday, March 17, 2008

A Doodles Tale

When I was in junior high school I used to doodle a lot. One day in the basement playroom my brother and I shared I doodled the story of a woman's life. I was fantisizing growing up and being on my own.

I drew her getting up, eating breakfast, taking a shower, heading out to work. Things like that. I left the drawings on my little desk in the playroom.

Several days later my mother had a talking to me. The boy down the street, a friend of my brother's, had pictures of a naked woman and he said I drew her. WHAT. No, I said. I didn't draw a naked woman. I drew a woman in the shower, just the outlines of her body with the shower curtain hiding most of her.

Everything was showing, my mother said.

We all know what happened, right? The boys saw the picture and embellished it. They of course didn't want to admit this so they said I drew the picture. Which was true, I just didn't draw the embellishments. Now it's funny. Then I was shamed and embarrassed.


Cris in Oregon said...

Sounds like the boys were having their own fantasies .. grin.
Did your mom believe you in the end? probably not.

Annie said...

Boys!!!! They've been hiding behind women's skirts forever and you didn't know that they should have been the ones shamed for it.

human being said...

Being scolded for what you have not done! Such memories are among the most persistent ones from chilhood. I have one, too! I was accused of breaking the branch of a tree.... And it was not me. It was the wind!
I love it when we talk about our childhood memories ... sweet or bitter.

Mary Richmond said...

this is a great story!

marianne said...

I like this story, it matches a situation I was in with my son today. Long story and hard to explain, but I see a simularity with this one.
It is a story we can laugh about later and right now I just hope he doesn't feel embarrassed or ashamed. A feeling I don't like to have either.

Cestandrea said...

oh, I so understand what you must have felt right then, suki. I remember having experiences stories like that too, which make me smile today but I can still feel how they didn't make me smile at all when they happened!
Silly boys...
Thanks for sharing this withus :)

Forever Young said...

what age is junior high? about 12/13? how awful for you,those 'hores' really start' moaning' by then!

sukipoet said...

Cris I never felt my Mom believed me, yet how could she not. It was not ME to do such a thing.

oh human being, to be accused of breaking a branch, when it was nature!!! How sad. It sounds like a poem.

Thanks Mary.

Marianne, i hope your son is feeling better about whatever it was that happened. Oh dear. How old is he.?

Yes, I think jr high is about that age or maybe a little older but the boys were all about 3 years younger than I was.

Andrea, I mostly remembered this story due to all the doodles and Mary Richmonds posts about doodles on her blog.

Anonymous said...

I remember making paper dolls for some children I babysat. After I left, they embellished them but their parents didn't mind. I'm sorry you were shamed.