Sunday, March 16, 2008

Claudia's Hyacinth

Claudia paints delightful watercolors. Check out this hyacinth painting and the information about hyacinths which, I now know, are native to Iran.


human being said...

I'm back from Claudia's blog. Unfortunately the picture didn't open for me. I should try it later. Sometimes this happens.... I love water colors and hyacinth, too.
This flower has got a very symbolic value in Iran. When the new year begins here with spring, we have some ceremonies. One of them is Sofreye Haft-Seen( a cloth on which we put seven things their names starting with /S/ sound plus some other items. Hyacinth is one of the 7 /s/'s.
In Farsi it is called Sonbol.
Suki, I want to thank you sincerely for your kind and warm words on my blog, here in your responses to our comments, and in other friends' blogs...
I hope I deserve all these good things you tell about me... All I write here and on other dear freinds' blogs is inspired by your art and words... Beautiful thoughts and works and minds call for nice words... I love you all for being such beautiful souls inspiring me to think more beautifully.
Hugs Hugs Hugs.
Kiss your mom for me.

Cris in Oregon said...

Beautiful flower painting. I went to see it.
Thanks for linking her for us to see it.

Cris in Oregon said...

PS..I havent felt to well this weekend. Aching really bad in my joints due to a weather change so I havent been able to read your story or blog anything but will soon. Hugs Cris

Lynn said...

I went there too. Her watercolors are delicate and quite lovely. Thanks for sharing.

sukipoet said...

Human Being. Thanks so much for this reply. It is so interesting to know about some of your ceremonies.
It sort of reminds me of Britt-Arnild's blog on which she wrote about Lent and the seven weeks of (i think or maybe more weeks) and she too arranged a cloth with different colors and symbols for each week of Lent.

You are welcome to my words. You are so kind. Hugs hugs to you.

Cris sorry you feel unwell. Don't at all think you must read my story. I know it is a sort of long post and it's fine of course to not read it.