Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blaize's Week


Mary Richmond said...

great drawings--love them! and glad you have a nurse coming in--it's very reassuring, I think, at times like these.

Cris in Oregon said...

Love Blaize. Alter ego? :)
She had quite the week. chicken soup is good for what ails ya too.

Cris in Oregon said...

oh and Glad Your Mom is home now. Bet she is glad too. Nice to have a nurse checking on the medicines.

Forever Young said...

blaize will be the best 'medicine ' for mom. meds are tricky, put them into little envelopes and label them so as not to get muddles. glad mom's resting. and glad you've got blaize.

sukipoet said...

Thanks all. Yes, the med discussion with nurse was very confusing involving calls to Dr office and crossings outs and addings in. Mom got overwhelmed by all the talking.

But think it's straightened out. She has little blue pill containers into which she drops enough pills for a week.

So, onward to the next event. Thanks, Suki

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, Blaize is great, a very nice alter ego! Good luck with everything, it must be a bit difficult right now, I imagine! Hope you get some time for your art, have a good day

Britt-Arnhild said...

Such cute drawings.
I love them.

We are having ALOT of snow here as well today. I am glad I am going down to Italy tomorrow.

human being said...

A beautiful Blaize
A responsible Blaize
A caring Blaize
A busy Blaize

Love you Blaize.

Lynn said...

These little paintings are just delightful. They tell it all don't they? Your yoga with feet up looks like my crunches!
Keep painting.

sukipoet said...

Yes Andrea it is kinda fun having an alter ego. Blaize is actually a bit hard to draw. I often sketch her first on scrap paper then draw in my notebook in ink.

Thanks Britt. Maybe as I keep drawing Blaize she will get better.

hb thanks for your Blaize poem. How fun.

Lynn I had to think awhile as to what "crunches" were but then I figured it out. Thanks for the encouragement.