Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blaize on Saturday

Hard to believe but there is MORE snow. Mom returned from hospital yesterday and is resting today. Very tired. But got dressed and is trying to do a few things. The nurse will come to visit and help straighten out her medications. Thank goodness as I am a botch up with meds. Mom takes about ten different ones. I personally take nothing except some herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies. Blai


Cris in Oregon said...

oops.. left last message on wrong post. :) Glad you have a nurse helping out. I cant believe you have gotten MORE snow. yikes. That is unbelievable. You NEED Spring flowers now.
Cute drawing of Blaize.

marianne said...

Glad your mom is back home Suki.
Thanks foor you reaction on my blog, we seem to like the same things.....
I wonder where you live on the east coast? With all this snow! My gosh.
Today I can sense spring here. I see small green buds everywhere, oh I can't wait.

Natalya said...

glad your mom is doing better... spring is coming!

Sara said...

glad to hear about your mother getting better. You have surely much to do. The days are getting warmer in Austria and we only have snow on the mountains. My garden has already spring flowers looking out of the earth...
I'm curious about your felting experiences. don't forget to show the results!
take care, Sara

sukipoet said...

It has snowed sometimes here in May. But it melts quickly.

Marianne I'm in the north of the east coast area though not the farthest north.

Thanks Natalya

Sara, havent actually begun felting yet, just reading about it. Now i have to order some wool. It reminds me so much of papermaking with all the water usage and the way things can come out with uneven edges which I like.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, I'm glad you have your Mom back from the hospital and hope she will be fine.
Nice Blaize drawing! Is she shoveling snow away?
Have a great Sunday

human being said...

Gosh! More snow... In our folk tales there is a Granny Cold who sometimes resists a lot and doesn't let the spring come... Think this Granny Cold is now dwelling there! :)

Happy again your mom is back home with you.

Lynn said...

Oy, more snow, poor Blaize!

Glad mom is home and is trying to do more on her own. Being in hospital must have taken a lot out of her. I do pray she'll be well now.

I send you sunny days from California.

sukipoet said...

Yes andrea more snow, but by now when I am replying here it has been melting.

I love that hb. Granny Cold. Granny Cold LOVES this area for sure. The nights are still very cold and the days warm up to mid-40's.

Lynn I thank you for the sunny days. And all your spring photos. Mom had a bit of a set back and is now having belabored breathing which keeps her in her room rather than coming out to eat and to sit in the den. We shall see.