Saturday, February 02, 2008

Paint and Paper

Smaller of the two canvases I stretched. So interesting how each layer of paint changes the painting. This layer I do not like much. Seems awkward and amateruish.
This layer I like much better. The shapes are getting settled. Getting the colors settled and the shapes delineated is both fun and hard sometimes. I like the colors. Daytime moon will be its name.
First layer of painting on the larger canvas. I am using a photo of me from 30 years ago holding the garden harvest. It is not a self-portrait. I simply like the idea of the woman holding the bounty and in a photo I have a model who will stand still for me. I just love doing first layers, sort of washes of color that drip and fade.
Second layer and things get less drippy and more defined. I am reminded by doing these two how much I love to paint. Now, I realize I did not buy enough stretchers. I want more canvases to work on.
Still playing with these hanging, turning things. They are hard for me, small motor skills are not my best. I get impatient.


Britt-Arnhild said...

I would love to do a winter walk in your first painting :-)

Cris in Oregon said...

Suki, I love your barn and woman paintings. They are looking good. Looks like you can just walk around that barn. Also looks like you've got the painting bug..:) You need Another trip to town for those stretchers.. unless you can order them from Dick Blick. Your mobile is looking good too. Good job!

human being said...

They are all artful, especially the paintings ... the way we can witness the layers building up to the final version is very exciting...
Both of the paintings are full of life ...
I love the composition of the elements in the barn painting ... the path... the trees... moon; and their relation to the barn...

ANDREA said...

Suki I love the painting, the women which is still out of focus but perhaps will appear some time. Or not. Love your use of colour here, do you use acrylics or oil? the hangings are great too!

anney said...

Muunch... Muunch!!
Two u's are better than none.

marianne said...

It´s nice to see the layers turn into something really beautiful

Lynn said...

Glad you are having fun with painting. Interesting to see the two layers. I didn't even know you could do two layers. ;-(
I like the first trees in background and the second trees to the right of the barn.
Great help I am right?
Cute hanging pieces too.

anney said...

It was nice to hear that Lynn and
Marianne had posted comments.
I was informed by email today,
Sunday 2/3. (smiling face)

Elizabeth said...

Lovely to see your work in progress :-)
I'm 'layering' a new painting at the moment - the first layers DO look amateurish in my case but I am still hopeful, that it will gradually all come right as each layer goes on.

Looking forward to seeing how yours progress... exciting.

anney said...

Elizabeth, I looked up your site and
found a painting (Moonrise?) which
reminds me of one of mine, called
Ocean. I used many layers of
duochrome aquamarine iridescent
paint which color appears on the
horizon of your painting. I often
forget to glaze, being lost in the
design and color. Thank you for
reminding me!