Friday, February 29, 2008

Paint and collage

I've been painting this oil for a number of days, trying to "get" it. I work things out on the canvas itself rather than beforehand. Harder with oils due to drying times though. I don't especially care for this one but I'd like to finish it.

Finally saw an image in my virtual photos for this third canvas I stretched. So I lay in the initial colors and shapes yesterday. The turpenoid seems thick and I wonder if it froze? My medium is just turpenoid and linseed oil. I have no Damar varnish. I wonder if that makes the drying time longer?? If anyone knows let me know. I read about Liquin as a medium. Has anyone had experience with that?? What is your medium mix for oils.

I also played around with a couple of paper collages that I may mount on canvas. Or may not.

The bird was made by a friend out of toilet paper tube! I thought to hang it from the paint stirrer that was left from Dad's paint stirring but now am not sure. I want to use that stir stick for something though. Lots of bird images on the blogs lately. Must be a spring image, eh?


Cestandrea said...

Collective memory of spring, perhaps?:) Love your paintings, they have a moonlit quality to it! And the first collage: it looks like a little witche's house, very sweet! And I like the idea of using this stirr stick for something!
Have a great Friday,

Annie said...

What colors and textures and images you show today, Sukipoet. Sometime I think I should start testing my own abilities at working with paint and canvas. I've been so focused on knitting and weaving that I've never made the time and space for this type of art - but it's so appealing. I'm so tempted.

Cris in Oregon said...

Check out my blog this morning Suki. I wrote to you about Liquin. I love it. I was taught to use it and have for years. and it drys pretty fast. I havent uesed linseed oil in years. and I do mean years.
Yes Oils are slower drying but they do have a richness that is worth it.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh forgot the mention the paintings..These are coming along good. I find you have to go thru the ugly to get to the pretty. So dont dispare.
Oh and also certain colors dry slower and you can get something called Japan dryer..or not sure of the name but it is a liquid that helps paint dry faster. but have only used it once.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Andrea. Yes, I think everyone is looking forward to spring and wishing it to come with spring images. I don't know why the paint comes out that way. I dont think it is intentional.

Annie, yes do try a whirl at painting. It is such fun. Large motor skills. Or at least I think of it that way. For me, knitting and weaving are small motor skills which have always been hard for me. In fact once I took a weaving class and thought I'd scream as it was so particular, the way you put on the threads, though my grandpa wove and built looms too. I think of it as for a more meticulous and detail oriented mind than mine. And there was some kind of math involved too I think.

Although I do bookbinding too which is small motor and has lots of measuring to it. It is very hard (for my type of mind) but I love the end product so much I do it.

Anyway its fun to try different things. It can only enrich a person.

cris i saw your blog reference to liquin. Havent commented on yr blog yet. I was just reading blogs this morning not commenting. But I will. Thank s for your other tips too.

Cris in Oregon said...

You know that might be why I dont like knitting & crocheting.. small motor skills. And I was bad in math & still am. Never thought of it being large and small motor skills involved. but it makes sense now.

sukipoet said...

I used to work with small children in day care and nursery school situations and that's where i heard about small motor vs large motor skills. I am not sure i know techinically what it means but I can feel it in my hands. And nerves.

Forever Young said...

i actually like it just the way it is, and agree with ces it looks like a witches house. you worked with little ones too? snap, then you know what 'jangled' is all about. thanx for all your terrific comments on my blog, i am so glad to have made a new friend.

Lynn said...

Interesting Suki, on this bottom collage with the pastel colors I see a face and the bird is the lips, it's wearing a hat, and it's eyes are different one from the other.

I like the flowingness of the painting landscapes.

Large motor skills are the motions using the whole arm as opposed to the fingers (for writing)...Or the whole body in running and climbing.
I too had a nursery school I ran when my kids were little. Maybe all our art came from those experiences? At least it was a time we could let our inner children run free over paper and paints.

human being said...

How lovely. Birds always remind us of flying. Thanks Suki, for this gift.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Forever Young. Well I only worked with little kids for about 5 years, then moved into working with the elderly. Two extreme ends of the age spectrum.

Lynn, that's funny about seeing the face. I'll have too look at it again. How neat that you once had a nursery school. That interest in the young really comes out in the fun things you do with your grandkids.

Human being, i think one of the first posts of yours i read had to do with flying. That video.

sukipoet said...

I do see the face Lynn. Very funny.

marianne said...

wonderful creations Suki!