Monday, February 04, 2008

Grandma's statue

I would have said "Garden Nymph" but Mom says it can't be outside, it will dissolve or something. Mom has had it at her house tucked into a corner where it was easily overlooked for years. Every time I came to visit mom said I could have it but I never took it back to my home.
So now I have placed it outside the door to my studio. She looks very welcoming and cheers up the breezeway.


Lynn said...

Suki she is lovely. Charming. Sweet. I am happy for you to have found a special place for her, welcoming you to come in and create to your hearts content.

Cris in Oregon said...

I love it. how cute it is. Yes good you found a special place for her. I did my back in again and have been in pain so finally blogged something tonight and checked out your blog. Sorry for being so late.

marianne said...

How nice!
She looks so relaxed.
She is probably glad to be out of her hidding corner......
greetings Marianne

sukipoet said...

Well I do think she can breathe better out here where she is doing a job too of welcoming me and others into my workshop.

Cris sorry about your back. Painful and uncomfortable. Take care of you.

ANDREA said...

She is a beautiful, happy one! I guess I'd think too it was a garden-nymphe, I see her in ivy and besides a bird bath... (not snow, cause she's a summer nymphe:)
Can she melt? Or why does your mom thinks that she'll disintegrate?
I wish you a good Wednesday

human being said...

You helped this stony soul find her purpose in her life...
This sweet face
reminds us to push
the pause bottom of this rat race

to breathe....