Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Touch of Spring

The snow melts
rivulets run down the side of the road
birds chirp
a distant chain saw, the fall of the tree
the rush of the overfull river
my feet squelch in the mud
I breathe in the clean mountain side air
And thank mother nature for this respite
from the cold isolation of winter.

I wrote a much better poem in my head whilst walking today, but by the time I sat to write it down, it had morphed into the above.


Cris in Oregon said...

So you're getting some warming there. Nice to have a change. I wish I could write like you and HB can. but alas there is no prose in me. This was lovely.
I was on earlier checking out your blog and about to comment when my server signed off.. GOOD BYE. and I couldnt get back on for awhile. It was really pouring here today so maybe that was the reason. now all seems well. My back sure feels better too.

Cris in Oregon said...

For some reason your comment box doesnt want to accept me without putting me thru hoops. it doesnt like me..whaaaa.. Grin

Lynn said...

I like the photo and the poem.
It tells a story...I see it, hear it, taste it (oops that was the eggplant down below) ;-)


Kikipotamus said...

It is absolutely balmy here now. Beautiful poem and photos.

Patti said...

Your poem says it all beautifully Suki. I can't believe you're finding spring around you so soon.

sukipoet said...

Thanks to all. Lest anyone get too excited about spring arriving, this is just a January thaw as they say. A taste of spring. Then we go back to the grip of winter.

I think mother nature feels sorry for us and wants to boost our spirits so we can make it though the rest of the storms and ocld.

human being said...

Oh no.. this is the second time my comment evaporates into thin air!

I forgot to copy it! All my feelings are ruied!! :D

Suki, the imagery of your beautiful poem is so vivid we can hear , see ,and feel everything , as Lynn said.
The alliteration of r (lines 2 and 5) and also the onomatopeic words like chirp and sqelch help build the atmosphere... you are a master of words, suki.
I lived your poem...
Loved it so much.

sukipoet said...

thank you everyone. You are too kind. But i am inspired to continue on with poems.