Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trains, thanks and two blogs

Stopped at a railroad crossing. Click to enlarge and see the graffiti.

Again I thank everyone for your comments on my "Mountain" post. I feel heard and cared for and surrounded by sage advice. So much wisdom within you all.

I found two new blogs. Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods. Her current post is about a trip to Venice.

And Marianne's mandala blog. She paints beautiful mandalas that remind me of Patti's. Her blog is where I first saw the cat widget. You can just click on the link to get the widget yourself.


Cris in Oregon said...

Well I had trouble getting a comment on this morning. but here I am. grin.. The train pix could be here with out the snow. We have a train that goes thru our town. we sometimes get stuck waiting to get across town. But it is kind of cool to see and hear. When not in a hurry. LOL
I think you should see about getting your things there. I bet it would make you feel not so alone having your stuff around you to be able to get to. Maybe some friends could help? or hire someone to help. just a thought.
thanks for nice comment on my blog as always. I do appreaciate them alot.

Lynn said...

Too early in the morning for me to figure out what UAA Crew means?
Something local maybe? But is that a local train? No idea.

Are you going to start painting on trains next? Now there's an idea?

Hello, hello, hello, hear my voice, I am coming into your quiet place to make some sounds, some noise, some human contact for you!
Hugs too. Lots of hugs. We all need hugs.

Off to work now...busy me...running, walking, talking, going, never stopping...the energizer bunny personified. That's me today!

After that you are probably relieved you can retreat into your studio and paint!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I'm glad you found me.....to help me find you :-)

Dale Copeland said...

I sent this to your yahoo address but it bounced. will you let me know your new address if it's changed? Tx
Hi Susan, your box of collages just arrived. Thank you, I'm really enjoying looking at them, your work is exciting.....it's a good series.

human being said...

Some write poetry;
Some read poetry;
Some are poetry!

Suki, you're one of them. What is poetry after all? Beautiful rendition of all our emotions and experiences; the way you see the world through your photos, artworks, writings, and poems IS poetry.
Thanks for all your heartfelt comments. They warm my days, dear friend.
Peace. ( I've learned it from you)

P.S. 1)The crow will show up very soon!

2)Among those Iranian who are familiar with American Lit., Frost is a well-known figure.
And I've lived this poem of his...
It's got a very universal theme.

ANDREA said...

great pictures, I love the graffity and the wires in the air and the traffic lights. A very special atmosphere, I can feel and see where you live through your photos, thanks for sharing