Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oatmeal Date bars

Have been longing for some for awhile so finally made some y'day from an on the web recipe. Very good.
Found this pattern on the inside of the box of Yogi tea I had purchased.


Cris in Oregon said...

Yummm.. You were busy. I find more interesting things inside and outside tea boxes. Such a waste to toss them too.
Yes I did do the logo yesterday. I didnt mention it cause I didnt know if it was going to be used. It was fun. and re; canvas...I have never known many who stretched there own canvas. wow that is an art in itself. :) I've always used primmed ready to go cancases. You should tell how to do it. demostrate doing one.Stay warm. it is down right cold here right now. burrrrr

Cris in Oregon said...

oh and I forgot...Give me warmth, shorts, T Shirts, bare feet and open windows too like you mentioned on my blog. We sound very much alike on that. :)

ANDREA said...
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Kelly said...

Oh, baby, those oatmeal date bars look SO good. Neat tea box. What are you going to do with it?

human being said...

Suki I read all your posts and enjoy them, but sometimes I cannot open the commenting window...

The thing I like most about your posts is that one cannot predict them... each time you write about one aspect of your life.. art works... your thoughts .. the things you have seen or bought, your thoughts.. your friends... each post is a surprise gift for us... I thanks you for being open and letting us see the world through your eyes.. this is so prescious..

This time this yummy oatmeal and the beatiful tea box... this latter one is sure something most people simply skip.. I'm curious like Kely to know what you are going to do with it..

Thanks also for all the warm notes here and in my blog .. They really mean a lot to me... they are more than encouragement...
They give life..

human being said...

Sorry :
i thank you

seems I should go to bed now.. i cannot see the letters clearly!!!!

Lynn said...

I love the pattern on the tea box. First thought, how to work it into a quilt or maybe easier a collage.

Will have to skip the date bars although they look good, unless you tell me there is no refined sugar in them. ;-)
Not what I am eating these days.


sukipoet said...

Thank you hb. You are so sweet.

I felt bad posting the date bars re: Lynn and Cris are on a no-sugar diet. But, sorry. Plus I shouldnt make such stuff as mom is diabetic and I present temptation to her.

I was just thinking about how focused some people's blogs are whereas my jumps around from one thing to another. I like both approaches and my approach probably reflects my mind which jumps around from one thing to another at least at this point in my life.

The tea box I don't know what I"ll do with it, but just save it in my box of paper scraps and a use will probably arise. Or if not, then I can toss it when I have to move again.
Hugs to all

anney said...

Did you know the art on Yogi tea is
an old art form from India called
mehni (or menhi). It uses henna,
and is also used in tattoo.

sukipoet said...

Oh anney. Thanks for that info. I have seen that artwork. Beautiful.