Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Balancing Pebbles painted by Elizabeth

The painting I purchased from Elizabeth has arrived!! I took two pictures and the colors come out differently in each. One with flash and one without. I love the way the pebbles rest one on top of the other. And the colors, which I find so cheerful and bright. I walked by the painting the other day and the yellow pebble on top just beamed out at me light a light in a lighthouse. It speaks to me of the precariousness of balancing. Yet, I suppose we are always trying for balance, especially us Libra's. Thank you Elizabeth for your talent, your vision and for offering your work to the world to enjoy. Bon courage.

Elizabeth's sale is almost over. Stop by the above link and see if any of her work calls to you!!!


Cris in Oregon said...

Hey Suki, Elizabeth, This is awesome. Yes it does look like a light house beacon. How big is it?
How fun to have something from someone we know.

Elizabeth said...

Groovy! Your painting is safely in her new home and I am very happy that she found her way to YOU!

Thank you for buying it, I am honoured :-)

Lynn said...

I am guessing that the top photo is closest to the true colors? Am I right? Both are beautiful. I don't remember seeing this one before. I love the idea of balance in ones life that you have placed on this wonderful painting by our Lizzi. Lucky you for being it's proud owner.

human being said...

So beatiful ...and it resembles someone sitting in meditation...seeking an inner balance.... I love artworks that under their simplicity an ocean of meaning is yours, Suki.
Elizabeth's use of clolors and shadings is impressive.

A real joy to have such painting! Good for you! :)

sukipoet said...

Yes Lynn, I think the top photo is closest to the colors.

human being thanks for that image of someone sitting in meditation. That is so true and adds another layer of meaning to it. Maybe that's also why it attracted me.!!!!

cris I think the painting is about 11 by 16 but that is a guess.

ANDREA said...

I love this painting too, the idea of balance. I bought one of Elizabeth's paintings too:), the pomegranate, it hasn't arrived yet but I love it already..
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for your comments on Miss Doodle, I like the idea that this is my icon! Thanks for the inspiration,

sukipoet said...

Oh Andrea. That is lovely. You too will have a bit of Elizabeth on your wall. !!