Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weather report

At 8 am it is MINUS two degrees(via my computer weather update) although the thermometer outside says minus 10. MINUS. Yes.


human being said...

So cold....How do you dare to come out?!!
Is this your house? So beautiful ...
And a nice picture... the contrast makes it so lively...
Dearest Suki.. you are a good friend .. seeing my weak points as strong... your comment really made me strong and energetic...

I'm really enjoying these trips I have to your blog .. each time a new piece of art...a new thought to ponder upon ...or a new exprience to give me more knowlege... even if they are very personal or very routine, they have a point hidden in them like the hat.. the poison ... the dream.. everything...thanks for being there... Have a nice day.

Lynn said...

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Beautiful picture Suki. I do love red barns and on the white snow it really shows it off. You are getting me ready to think snow, which we will be in next week! Then perhaps I will have snow photos to share too.

You asked about moving an icon.
I think I have done this with a simple copy and paste in the "customize" add a picture on the side bar...OR you need the http/address to paste over to it.
Let me know if this is clear enough (from my memory) or I will go try it again myself to get it clearer for you.

Cris in Oregon said...

BEAUTIFUL..Whose barn is that? You should paint that.
on the Icon. Go to the icon and click on it and put it in your documents or where ever you go to bring something up for posting and then go to the layout thing and click on the photo box part and it will have a way to bring it up to the box and walla you have it on your side bar. but you have to get it into your section you post from first.
oh thanks for the address of TT ..I had that. I just didnt look far enough. I saw that photo of her barefoot finally.

Cris in Oregon said...


Patti said...

This is picture postcard perfect! I love the crispness of the red against the snow. I'd like to tell you that its blue skies, sunny and warm here, but it's grey and rainy and mild. I need to put christmas lights up on my house, and have been waiting for the rain to stop. I may have to just go out and get wet! This is typical Sydney region weather at this time of year. Stay warm!

sukipoet said...

thanks all. human being, this isn't my house, rather my mom's barn. It is empty except for junk. Someday it will belong to my brother. IT is typical of this part of the country. Lots of old barns as there used to be lots of dairy farms but there are very few dairy farms left.

Lynn and Cris, I will try your instructions but I think that brings just the badge picture itself without a connection or link to the site. I've gotten some badge pictures on my blog but you can't click on them to go to the site.

Patti, good to hear from you. I hope the rain is a warm rain not a cold rain. Good luck getting the lights up.

human being you are kind to say my ramblings have a point! Most often I feel I don't have a point. I remember talking to my college roommate and her usual response to me was, so what's your point. I never had an answer.

I started my blog more as a diary or journal and so am not focused on only art work or only poetry or only one thing. I just write about whatever I am led to write about, although recently I have been trying to focus a bit more on artwork. The entire first year I had the blog I only had maybe one reader. So I am happy to have more readers now. Thank you.