Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Surprise Gift

As some of you may know, but others not, I have no home right now although in one sense I do as I'm staying at my mom's. But most of my earthly possessions are in a storage unit. For three years I have had no "permanent" place where I can unpack more than a few things. Skipping over whether I even need my "stuff" and the value of "stuff," let me say a friend has offered me her little house on an island!!! She owns two houses and right now she needs to stay in the one in the middle of the country, so she said I could live in her house on the island. Wow. What a lovely gift.

But it is not the first time I've had such an offer from a friend. A few years ago another friend who owns two houses offered to let me stay in one that was empty. Isn't that amazing. I didn't go there and now it is occupied by a caretaker.

And yet again a third friend who owns three houses and other buildings too offered me to stay free in her little empty house. As I didn't go someone else is living there now.

But so many generous offers of houses. It does my heart good to know of this kindness. I thank you every one and know that visions of a little place to live will keep me warm and hopeful through this cold, snowy winter. I am blessed.


human being said...

btceuWow... dear Suki, thank you for your soulful poetic artwork:

May the silent snow
in the form of rain
wash away your sorrows
cleanse your spirit
bring you peace.

The image of snow in the form of rain... that was brilliant!

And I think your writings have got that cleansing nature...
I read through this post and when I came to the end, my vision was something else.. First I said how lovely to live in such a place on an island... but at the end I had that feeling that just those kind offers can brighten our lives... maybe we need no change in our living spaces...
Thanks for giving us something to ponder.

And so sorry for my mistake about the barn...I goofed up!
It's not just a matter of different scenes we see in different cultures ,it's more of a personal strange feature I've got :Usually when the overall mood or atmosphere of a place, picture or even a person attracts me, I don't pay much attention to the details... That was the reason I didn't notice the front and even the small windows...(think I gave all dear ones here a good laugh! :D)
I hope you accept my apologies..
Thanks so much also for the useful and kind comments on my blog...
Lots of love and a big hug...

human being said...

Some more crowing!!

I love the picture here... it reminds me of my childhood when I had a book with this kind of drawings... a sense of beautiful nostalgia...
I'm so glad you know much about Rumi.. and other features of Persian culture like Nasreddin.

There is another figure in Persian culture named Bohlool. He was a very wise guy but behaved like a lunatic...I'll search to see if I can find something to share with you.
An about that college roommate you had... I think maybe she was a bit dull. ;)
And I loved the way you used the word Namaste .. I'm going to practice it... I love this version of its meaning:
"I salute the God within you."


thailandchani said...

Wow... that is amazing! I love this kind of sharing of resources. And a house!

Are you going to choose one?

Cris in Oregon said...

Well there is a saying...Home is where you hang your hat. Right now you are hanging it at your Moms and you will never be sorry for coming to your Moms aid in years to come. You have wonderful friends. You must give to others since it seems to comes back to you with their generosity. . And right now you are being a good FRIEND and DAUGHTER to your Mother too. I had the best relationship with my Mom and treasure every minute I had with her right up to the end of her life. I never have to say.. I wish I had done this or that.
Your Treasures are you Friends and Family.
At least Winter isnt THAT long only SEEMS that way. ;-)

sukipoet said...

Glad you enjoyed my silly poem human being. I wanted to "echo" back to your poetic self with a poem as myla and others do.

No need to appologize. I understand so well what you are saying about sensing the mood and atmosphere and not paying attention to the details. I often do that myself in some ways. I talk about the "gist" of things or a sensing of things and get the details wrong or don't pay attention and then everyone has to come in and give me the details correctly. Interesting way the mind works sometimes.

And beside, maybe you are seeing into the future. Maybe I will live there some day or in a barn somewhere. Who knows.

I dont really know very much about Rumi. My turn to appologize. I might sound like I think I know much but really I know just a teeny bit along with the tales which I love. Sort of "trickster" tales like the coyote tales of the Native Americans. The wise fool. Or the wisdom in foolishness. And foolishness in wisdom.

What is the translation of Namaste that you know?

Hello Thailandchani. Thanks for visiting my blog. The house on the island is very tempting. But right now I can't. As human being said, it is the offer, the gesture, that is so heartening. The generosity of heart. And what would allow me to leave here would be the death of either mom (90) or my sister-in-law(who is dying). So I don't like to dwell on that too much.

Thanks Cris for your thoughts. I am glad I have the freedom to come here and be with mom. Even though she says I'm loud I know I liven things up for her and probably relieve her of some stress re: how to get along in the world right now. I'll try to remember that winter is short. said...

Dear Suki,

Not a master of Arts,
in quest
to master
the art of life.



Cris in Oregon said...

Thanks Suki for your nice comment on my little photo. I've been looking for just the right ME photo. That shows who I am. Sweet of you to say so.
It is pouring here today. I've been Sitting inside by the wood burning stove watching it while knitting. That is me being creative today. ;)Oh and WE made some split pea soup that is simmering. I'm Having a slow paced day today. ;)
Yes you ARE livening up your Moms life. She might not want to acknowledge it but she feels it. Maybe she feels you feel stuck there and says things like that.
Yes Winter is short. Life flys by us anymore. So today I am stopping to smell the rain. My roses are all soggy & wet. lol

Lynn said...

I loved reading everyone elses comments here today. How delightful this group is and growing too. We are reaching and touching across oceans now. I think it is grand.

Thanks for your generous offering of words of praise for all I am doing Suki. It feels so good and warms me.

I too add that you are fortunate to have the love of all those freinds who offer hearth and home to you when you need it.

And I praise you for staying with those who need you most now.


Lynn said...

PS Suki, I just wanted to add that I have an award waiting for you on my blog site next time you have a minute and want to drop by you can pick it up there.

ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, what a nice post, I love the little house on the picture and the idea that you have places to stay if you need to, I like to read the comments here too, amazing connections!
Have a great day,

Patti said...

An amazing friend she is, to offer you her home, and on an ISLAND! This is very cool. How many people get to live on an island?

But you're right about 'stuff'. I truly think I could live with very little (now I've spent my life accumulating it!) knowing that it is not possessions that make me lastingly happy.

You are blessed.

sukipoet said...

thank you Myla for your wonderful and thoughtful poem. I think I'm still in kindergarten in the mastery of life!!

Thanks Lynn,Cris, Andrea and Patti. Yes the comments on this post are so heartwarming and kind. And I am truly lucky in having so many wonderful caring warm friends.

The little cottage sketch (public domain) is of a Dorset cottage. Maybe that is near Elizabeth? :)