Thursday, December 20, 2007

True Blue Blogger Award from Lynn

Thank you dear Lynn for including me in your list of True Blue Blogging friends. And the same to you and Andrea, Elizabeth, Cris, Patti, kikipotamus, human being, Myla, and every other kind person who hosts a blog and comments on my blog. Be well all. You are true blue.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Suki, a 'true blue blogging friend' too :-)

Thank you for all kind comments over the past year, they are always such a treat. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year with your family. Peace and Blessings, Love Lizzi

Lynn said...

You are welcome dear friend. You deserve it. Know that you inspire me in many many ways. I continue to look at your work for ideas.

Hey, a woman in my art class told me about using flower petals on fabric to make colors! And I knew what she was talking about because of your rose petals on your robe!
How about that?

human being said...

Thank you so much for letting me see, through your eyes, one aspect of the multi-dimensional truth of this world. You saved me from simplemindedness.

sukipoet said...

human being. Did you mean this comment for me? I thought i saw it on Myla's blog and am wondering if there is some sort of web virus happening/???