Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paintings continued

The other afternoon I messed about with these two paintings again. I don't know if you'll notice any difference, but the foreground, a sort of blue grey, is a different color and there are differences elsewhere too. This one I feel I've maybe done enough on.
I worked on this one too, changing colors and shapes. You see, I never really know what I'm doing. I just paint and try to work it out on the canvas. Did you ever watch one of those TV painters? They show how to paint step by step. When I was a kid, I watched John Nagy demonstrate how to paint, but now other's do a similar thing. I could never paint the way they show or even do "Plein air" painting. I'm too disorganized.

I am struggling with these two pages of the board book. I just am not satisfied. It feels messy and ugly to me. But I show you anyway. Process.

Today I turned the heat up in the studio and will soon go in. I am going to make a SMALL wall hanging as the robe is intimidating me somehow. I have been looking at Sarah's blog with her gorgeous artwork. Course mine is nothing and will be nothing like hers but somehow her latest piece, which is about death, inspires me to do a few smaller things before continuing on my robe, and also Andrea's masks. Sarah has some face on her felted pieces and also what looks to be ceramic faces. Explore and experiment.


human being said...

Struggling.... this is the key word you've used... we should sruggle to come to a perfetion...
Life is all about that stuggle.

Dear Suki,(what I'm going to say is not just related to this post and I apologize in advance for being a chatterbox and a snoopy!)
Why do you use lots of understatements when you talk about yourself, your works, your thoughts, your knowledge, and your future? You are so humble, of a giving nature... but don't do that!... words have a power and a magic... They create our world...

You feel small but you don't know that all the beauty is in that smallness.You don't frighten away people by your bigness. Big pompous words and people cannot give what you are ginving to others -- even if it's a small group of people ... These people are connected to other people and this chain just goes on and on... So, that smalll is so great...

(for example, the talk you had about the offers and your responsibility toward your mother, gave me a clearer vision today to give my love to my mother who I love endlessly... and it was just because of you and your words... To tell you the truth, I've decided to learn from you how to live my life when I'll be your age-- not imitation but inspiration).

Small is beautiful.
This koan has got a lot of meaning and the more I know you, the more I think it is applicable to you.

Please believe me.. these are not empty words... I never tell lies... and I never keep silent,too! I think all your friends here and anywhere else have a very good image of you ..
You beautifully used the word "gist".Yes this is it!....And your "gist" is love, knowing and struggling.. What a human being you are... Christ-like...
Love yourself...
Namaste(I salute the God within you)!

Cris in Oregon said...

You have been busy creating. Looks like you're having fun. I love the colors. I like the one you put on your personal photo because I like the picture with the paints in front of it. Very Artsy. Some people follow in the lines and others paint outside the lines and it comes out looking just as fantastic.
Have fun on your work today.

ANDREA said...

Suki, these paintings are beautiful, I love your colours!
And the book pages are all but messy and ugly, they are chaotic and I just love them, especially the green house! Perhaps if you used some handwriting or even printed letters here and there, it can make the different elements bond?
I like it when you say your are disorganized, which is a good thing in my eyes. I'd say you are very creative and what you do is full of colour and it moves! Have a great day
Andrea said...

Hi Suki,

the cookies in your previous post are really inviting. oooommmm.



sukipoet said...

human being. You are so funny sometimes. Thank you for all you have said. You are not the first person to scold me regarding the way I talk about myself. You are right, words have power and magic. My head is swelling this time with all the words of praise you give me. I will read this comment again and again. So rich with ideas. Be well, human being. Much love, Suki

sukipoet said...

Hi andrea. Thanks for dropping by when you are so busy getting ready for your show. Yes, I hope to use words. I'm working on what they will be now. And how I want to get them on the pages.

Hi Myla. The best thing about the cookies is they are non-fattening, at least for my blog readers. Here in their presence I can already feel a few pounds heavier. Yikes!

Patti said...

I really love the top painting. Very soft colour and form. Your way of painting has a lot of integrity. I believe it's not a good idea to overthink when you are creating.

Lynn said...

I see wonderful colors in these two paintings and I see forms that flow nicely across the canvas. They FEEL GOOD to me.

The book is chaotic a bit and I especially like the net like fabric over the little house If it is a house...I felt this "struggle" the whole time I was working on Ella. Each layer felt like another birth. All hard.
But in the end I love the baby with all her parts. I have to take the word of others that it came together okay. No, I know it did. Some part of me does.

I think when we can stay in our right brain and turn of old lefty we do better. The art flows more freely.

My next painting class is going to be a follow the teacher and do what she does, which sounds like the teachers you spoke of in your post. I promise you and me that I will go a bit out of the least a bit. I want to learn to feel painting, see what it's like, but then I want to do my own thing with it. I like what you do and it looks like it comes easier to you than you admit to.

I agree with Human Being that words are powerful. So I too encourage you to think more postively about yourself and your work.

sukipoet said...

Thank you Patti and Lynn for your comments on my painting/s and left brain vs right. Lynn your next class sounds fun. You are exploring the world of materials available. And techniques. lovely. keep on artin'