Saturday, December 01, 2007

Masks with earrings for Andrea

Andrea is making a series of cloth masks. Currently she is making an earring mask. These wooden masks are hanging on my Mom's wall. They were my Dad's. I think these two are Indonesian though I'm not sure.

This is one of two bookends made in Tanzanika. Another earring.


ANDREA said...

Dear Suki!
Thank you very much, these masks are so beautiful. I love the smooth dark wood, and the peaceful faces, and the carved details of the earrings and headdresses. How thoughtful of you to have photographed these beauties to me! They look great on the brick stones. Very inspiring. I wish I could work "in wood" now too, combine wood and textile. But for the time being I have to stick with the space that is offered to me...But I think of it:) I would love to come to your studio out there in NH and work with you there, what a great "atelier" we would have...:)
Have a nice Saturday evening,

Lynn said...

Really nice wood masks and head.
How wonderful to have these collection from your parent(s).
I do love the sharing that goes on here...

sukipoet said...

OOps I guess these aren't masks as they have no eye holes. Just carvings although the back is concave.

Yes it would be fun andrea to share my studio if you didn't mind being cold even with the heat. Zounds. 20 degrees today and snow.