Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inspired by people and materials

Inspired by what everyone has been saying I continued working on the altered book. Also inspiring was just taking out some bits of paper and threads and playing with them. This is an old earring. I wore them for years. They are made out of some sort of rubbery material and I've always loved them but then this one broke.
A corner of two pages. I have been gluing on pieces of decorated tissue paper which adheres nicely.
Front and back covers.


human being said...

Wow! This is awesome!
That old earring! I feel a mythical air...

ANDREA said...

It is good to look at this. The shimmering colours enhanced by the gem (I don't know if it's a stone or glass) so lovely! Love how your work is flowing,

Cris in Oregon said...

wow.. this is shaping up to be something pretty special. Kind of like when Lynns instructor said to do more on her college and more was better. Nice to use something you love too. to re purpose it.

sukipoet said...

Well I often use old jewelry in my collages. YOu know how you loose one earring and have the other sitting around?

But this earring is very special to me. I think the gem is plastic maybe. NOt sure.

Thank you all for your comments as they keep me working.

Lynn said...

I love the papers on this book and how you blend the colors one upon the other. The jewel is lovely too and nice that it is special to you. I need to go look where I put some old rhinestone costume jewelry I have of my grandmother's as I want to add some to the piece I am working on currently. This is such fun, and I too get inspired by what you are doing and I think I see it bleeding over into my work.

I am fascinated by the rose petal paper too. Can't wait to see how that turns out. Such an expense. I grew up in a house with a huge rose garden. And now on my walks I walk past many rose bushes. I wish I could collect and send them to you. (But I'd be stealing out of peoples yards and I don't think I can risk it!) ;-)