Monday, December 10, 2007

altered books

Cris has asked about my altered book, what it is about and what I will put in it. This particular book, made from a children's board book, can only have flat things put into it. I have made altered books before in which I glued pictures and words and rhinestones inside. However, where I seem stymied here, is that I glued all the squares of paper on first which adds a lot of texture already and doesn't seem to invite pictures, although maybe words would work.

The book will not close even now, so most likely it will stand open like a three dimensional piece.

As to theme or meaning that has not yet quite gelled. When it does I will know what else to do to the book. In a comment human being suggested it made her think maybe it was my mother's life story. I like that idea and will let it simmer in my mind and see what happens.

I was going through my blog and found a post on this altered book (see below), a reliquary I made. I guess these are the only photos of it as the original photos are stuck in an old computer and can't be gotten out. This is slightly different from the board book as it was made from a little dictionary with paper pages so I glued pages together and cut little doors and niches in the pages. But it gives you an idea. I gave this to my friend Gael for a gift.


Cris in Oregon said...

I.m just full of questions arent I. lol. Thanks for explaining the books. I was wondering if they were decorative or you wrote in them. I saw something like that on Judy Wise' blog Do you have her website? check them out. there is a long line of photos.. not sure they are the same thing or not.

ANDREA said...

Thanks for sharing the process and your toughts and those of others on the new book. I like the idea that it will have to wait until you know what it is. I like it already now:)

Lynn said...

I am enjoying hearing all your thoughts as these things come together in your mind and then in physical form. I am finding it so much fun. Last night I either dreamed or day dreamed some ideas for the quilt I am working on currently...I do think If I take my time this time and let ideas gel as you said it will be more exciting and a better yet outcome.

human being said...
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human being said...

Dearest Suki, thank you so much for the comments both here and there in my blog. Happy you liked the song and the video.It was based on the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", written by Richard Bach. Have you read it?
How beautifully you described the parallel existed in the voice of the singer and the flight of the seagull.And as to the filming,think there are special cameras attached to a very very small remote-controlled plane following the bird.
And i'm really proud of myself to hear you're considering my suggestion regarding your artful book.
Sorry my blog is mostly written in Farsi, but sometimes i write in English. And it would be very kind of you as a native speaker and also a writer and artist to comment on them. Can you kindly tell me what do you think about my post with the name" My Only Love"? It is in English. Think i can learn much here... and from you.

Something else to listen , see and enjoy:

One of the friends on my blog sent it as a return for listening to "Be"

Cris in Oregon said...

Last night I was looking thru an art magazine and quess what I found. An article on Altered books. Never heard of them before and now they are everywhere. lol
Said these were for decoration to sit on tables. I am learning much in blog land. Yours are prettier tho. ;)