Sunday, December 09, 2007


Rice Freeman Zachary posted this video on her blog. I love this song so posted here.


Cris in Oregon said...

I love this song. I cant get the whole you tube thing being on Dial up but I have always loved that song.

Patti said...

I love it too (I don't know anyone who doesn't!)

I'm glad your Mom's party went well and that you managed to tuck in early and get some rest.

human being said...

That was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for reminding and sharing.
To return this kindness, I share this with you... I love it very much.

sukipoet said...

Thanks all for reflections on this song. I was proud of myself for figuring out how to upload the youtube video although actually it was easy.

Human being--thanks for your link. Wow. I have never heard that song before, and coupled with the amazing seagull flying video it was awesome. I wonder how they make a video like that. If they add the seagull image onto another filming of the sky and ocean. Anyway, it was inspiring. Thank you.