Sunday, December 09, 2007

Book to be set aside and birthday dinner aftermath

A little more working done on the board book pages but since I don't know the book's theme or purpose I will set aside undone for now until it reveals itself to me.

Mom's birthday meal went well and everyone said it was delicious. Shrimp scampi, french bread, spring salad, crab legs and cheese cake and apple wine from a local winery. Mom was exhausted afterwards (and so was I). Driving son went well, weather cold but clear. Glad I made the effort to create a sense of family togetherness. To bed at 8:30.


Cris in Oregon said...

I am so glad everything turned out so well for you and you Mom. What a treat for her. The meal sounded so yummy.
I am still not sure how the book is supposed to be when done. Is it to be looked thru or placed standing. Do you put THINGS on the inside. It is an interesting process.
Thanks for nice comments on my blog. Painting on Windows is fun. Nice you had a place to get them free. Maybe in the Cape they remodeled more then where you are at the moment & thats why you could find them better.

ANDREA said...

Glad to hear you mom's birthday"Party" went well. I can imagine that it may be exhausting. Have a great Sunday
PS I love the journal, looking forward to it having a title:)

human being said...

Dear Suki, I'm back here. Though we do not belong to the same culture, but I feel you so close...and here is so friendly and warm... One likes to drop in every now and then...
This book you are making looks so mythical and gorgeous to me.. all of a sudden I thought I'm reading the story of your mother's life in it...

Lynn said...

Such a menu! Bravo! Sounds daily shoes as my mother used to say (delicious)!
Happy for you and mom for creating and her having such a lovely birthday gathering at 90! I am still overwhelmed at the idea of 90! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm tired tonight too at 66! LOL
Hopefully tomorrow you can take it easy.
The book is gelling in your cranium as we speak. My "art quilt" is looking quite traditional so far, but I am determinded for it to be otherwise. I hope we both come up with fantastic ideas that manifest themselves through our fingers on to projects!

sukipoet said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Cris, sometimes I do put things inside the altered books. This one has hard pages so I can't cut little nitches but I could put rhinestones or threads or whatever although the paper squares under the paint add a lot of texture and adding more seems to be taking it too far. The book prob will not close and will have to stand open. A bizzillion people do books this way so it's not original. I mean my book is individual and mine but the idea of altering books is not.

Dear Human being. Thanks for your reflections on the book looking mythical, I like that. An interesting idea that the book might be the story of my mother. Thank you. I will keep that in my thoughts.