Saturday, December 29, 2007

Art in the Twenty-First Century

PBS has aired four seasons of the television program Art in the Twenty-First Century. I have just viewed season three on DVD. I saw the first two seasons on DVD also. This is a wonderful series so if your local library has these DVDs (or Netflix or similar place) I highly recommend them. also I assume you can purchase them from a PBS website.

Susan Rothenberg was one of the artists interviewed in the third season. I watched her segment twice just to see her delicious palette sopping with turpentine paints and messy palette table. She says she uses "dirty" turpentine and brushes so the colors are not pure. She has maybe 15 year old turp in some of her containers. It's a hoot.

Many of the artists, though not all, are youthful and doing things with videos and other modern technology. Most often you get to see the artist's studio. Inspiring.

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