Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to my barn

When my parents bought this one-time farm it had three barns. Two were falling down so they tore them down and used the barnboard in the kitchen and livingroom of the farmhouse. this one remains, filled with junk my brother stashed there through the years. I too have some junk up in the loft from the early 70's.
No idea what this is.
One of my grandfather's tool chests. Probably he made it, as he made most of his furniture. He was a mechanical engineer who worked on the early Locomobile. He went to London in the first world war to do something or other. He traveled on the Lusitania. Grace Mary my grandma followed him to London where they were married. The building of furniture, plus all manner of toys for me, was a hobby.
cow stanchion

Ladder to nowhere


ANDREA said...

Great photos again, what a space. I love the tool chest, and the other things made of wood too. Looks like your grandfather saw the world and was a builder. If these objects could tell stories....
Was your Grandma the one with the great hat on the collage picture?
(It was your collage or do I mix up everybody now...?)

Cris in Oregon said...

Wow what a great hobby. What a nice legacy he left behind. Is the barn where you set up shop> Nice they could recycle the barn wood for other projects.

sukipoet said...

thanks Andrea and Cris. Yes, Grandpa's wife was the woman with the big hat. And yes that collage was one I did.

Unfortunately the barn renovation to make it useable would probably take more money than I have or could borrow. I would love to be able to use the barn though but most likely will never happen.

Patti said...

Interesting old barn, filled with so much of your family history. Fascinating that your grandfather was so good with his hands.

Lynn said...

I love the old barn and all it's relics. The thought of grandfather's tools and what he made with them. Any of the old toys he built left? Would love to see them. What wonderful memories.

Sara said...

Hi Sukie,
I answer to your question in your blog because I couldn't find another address. I just came back from my daughters' who I visited the last 3 days. Both are wood stoves. We have lots of wood here. It isn't the most practical heating though... the rest of the house is heated with a sawdust oven (an automatical one!) this one works great and it's a very cheap heating!.
The tool which use you don't know can be a fruit chopper/press, my husband said.
nice barn, I love all barns and their secrets!

sukipoet said...

Patti. Not only was that grandpa good with his hands (my dad's family) but on my mom's side were many crafters, knitters, crocheters, doll makers, wood workers, quilters. Mom had 9 brothers and sisters.

Lynn yes I still have the doll crib he made for me, a "horsey" (horse head on a stick that your ride around), a shelf to put my dolls on. Non-toy items include a kitchen table and chairs, a bookcase and shelf thing of 4 pieces, a wood inlaid box and several wood inlaid pictures etc etc. Fun are the innards of a clock he never finished made of wood. Can't show you these though as all in storage.

Sara. Thanks for great info. Wood hmm. Mom won't let me use wood but it would be my fuel of choice for my "studio." Great to have an idea for that wooden thing. A fruit press. It does have some kind of wooden gears inside. I'll have to look at it again with that in mind.

Elizabeth said...

So much to catch up on... but I have to say: you have your own barn ,and a red barn at that!! WOW I'm jealous :-)