Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AED Pastel

Delicious colors, eh? Once, when I was flush, I bought this set of colors at a pastel workshop. Unison. I haven't used them that much. I love to look at them though.
I also bought some expensive sandpapery pastel paper. It's supposed to help with layering the colors. I didn't do much layering here. I think you're supposed to use harder pastels for the initial layers, softer for the later top layers.


Cris in Oregon said...

I sure am having problems getting comments on blogs today. I Love these pastel colors.. they are lovely. I think you should do more with them. I like the affect you got with them. I love my pencils but wish they would blend a bit better like Pastels.

Lynn said...

What a wonderful set. I am not going to go out looking for these now. I have enough tools. But I am happy you have them. I too love the huge array of them. They are very cool. Tahnks for sharing how you drew/pastelled the pictures.

ANDREA said...

the set is really fun to look at. I love these things. I love surrounding myself with colours like that too, even if I do not use them at times. I like your layering experiments, it is interesting to see how the dark green almost deletes the red underneath!