Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tagged II Seven Random or Weird things

I've been tagged again to list the above by Lynn and Kikipotamus.

The rulses are:

>link to the blog of the person who tagged you
>post these rules on your blog
>list 7 random/weird things about yourself
>tag 7 random people and list links to their blogs
>let them know they've been tagged by posting a comment on their blog

My 7 things

I get irritable at this holiday time of year from about Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Even though I am small I like large spaces, little furniture, lots of light.

Lizzi and I have the same last name. I won't tell you what as not sure if she wants it posted. But it's her maiden name and my maiden name(which I now use having dropped my husband's name upon getting divorced). Maybe we're related?

I studied herbal medicine (a little) and usually treat myself medically either herbally or homeopathically rather than going to a traditional doctor.

Given a choice between reading a good book or going to a party I'd most often choose the book.

I am a natural at two things: yoga and making handmade paper.

My previous house (rental of 20 years) was "like a museum" people said. I had many collections: purses and hats hanging on the ceiling and walls in the front hall, compacts, hat pins, dolls, shoes, vintage clothes, antiques, handkerchiefs, and so forth. All gone now as I had to leave the container. Either given away or in storage.

I will do the last two rules at another time and/or I invite anyone who wishes to to do this. thank you.


Cris in Oregon said...

hmmm I would choose a good book over a party too and I like to treat with herbal medicine too.
hmmm I keep thinking of new random things. how funny that I cant think of any and then I read others and they come flooding in.

ANDREA said...

Dear Suki, Great facts. Interesting! I know your name now:)
thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Do yuo know that you are the first person ever to haveleft a comment on my blog when I started it? You are my longest-time blogger friend:)
Have an excellent day

Lynn said...

I would have loved to visit your muesum house with all the artifacts hanging about.
I'm glad you still have some of them.
I'd much rather a good book than a party as well.