Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Snow and the wall painting is done

I didn't paint the inside of the closet which is why I can show you before and after in one shot. I would still like a cheerful carpet on the floor and new curtains however the most important part is done. I love my Victorian Linen walls.


Cris in Oregon said...

How did I miss this? How odd. congrats on finishing your painting. yeaaaaaaa. so much finished things today. this. the gas problem and the money back. Dont you feel positively good??
Great photos. looks like you got some snow already.

Lynn said...

I love the one with the snow in the thistle best, then the red things in the tree...apples? berries? What are they?
Green is pretty too.
I hope you enjoy living in/with snow. I feel cold just looking at it.
Congrats on completing the painting job. I Like the wall paper too. Just that bit. Is that inside the closet?