Monday, November 05, 2007

Art Every Day sketches for shroud

Pen, watercolor sketch in 3x5 notebook. I have done a series of robes shaped like a T (kimono shape). I have begun a new one: moon robe. Approximately 3' by 4'. And am ready to begin another one: shroud. Unlike the T shaped robes, I hope this one will be shaped more like either of these.
I make the robe/shroud from paper created from one inch square scraps of paper which I glue into strips. Actually I glue long strips of paper and then cut them so they look like squares. Then I reglue these squares into the shapes I want.

As all my paper scraps are in my storage unit 5 hours away from here, I will use paper torn from large sheets of purchased handmade paper. I bought this paper for bookbinding, however it's just sitting under my bed and my bookbinding kit is in the storage unit, so I may as well use the paper I have.


Mary Richmond said...

These are great! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Cris in Oregon said...

Bummer about the supplies in storage. but you got some nice colors going anyway.

Elizabeth said...

Thes eare super sketches and ideas, I am looking forward to seeing how they evolve in 3D. I like the way you sketch and colour too - pretty and lively.

Really frustrating to have essential art supplies in storage, but at least you have an emergency 'stash' under the bed ;-)

I agree with your comment on my blog: I think sometimes complaining and whingeing are symtomatic of a deeper unease or resentment. I also think, especially in my case, that often it is just a habitual pattern that does not need to be indulged in. Complaining is also contagious and subject to 'group pressure'. In our family it is a bad habit that often goes hand in hand with Martyr mode ;-) Enough I say!!! :-)

Cris in Oregon said...


Liz told us how to get the slide show to the sidebar.
1 log onto blogger account
2 click on layout
3 click on add a page Element
4 Look for the section that says:
HTML/Java Script
Add a 3rd party functionallity or other code to your blog.

5 click on add to blog and a pop up box ..Configure Html/java script apears
6 write a title in title box
7 For Content box do this...when finished making slide show, copy the code you get in the little box.. highlighten it and copy then.. paste it into the code box of Configure HTML/Java Script window
9 click save changes and it should be on your side bar.
let us know if it doesnt work.

Leah said...

cool drawings you've got here. they've got great movement.

ANDREA said...

Beautiful sketches, movement, mysterious faces you cannot see. The colours are beautiful, interesting, and the shapes too. I'm looking forward and am curious about the way you'll translate that into "paper"work".
Supplies in the storage is always bad and good at the same time, as it makes you work with something new:)
Have a good creative day

ANDREA said...

PS: I noticed the additional sentence in your profile, you are a Wabi Sabi person:)
All the "im-"things sound good.