Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tissue paper collage

I glued two sheets of acid free tissue paper together with acrylic medium. They come out nice and wrinkled. I traced leaves onto the paper using a black oil pastel stick.
Painted the tracings with acrylic paints.
Colored the sheet in with more oil pastels. Here, or later, I meld the pastels using linseed oil and turpentine.
More working of the sheet to come.


Cris in Oregon said...

These are beautiful Suki. I am not sure how you imbed things into what your working on but the outcome is wonderful. Are these part of the Collage exchange?

Elizabeth said...

Pretty, with such GREAT colours. It sounds like fun making these!

sukipoet said...

thanks for the comments. These are fun to make. They always look awful to me until I tear them into smaller pieces then something changes. The paper is like old parchement.

To embed. Create the base sheet composed of 2 pieces of tissue paper glued together.

when dry lay items to embed on top of the base sheet. Leaves, threads, photos, photocopies. Any number of things can be embedded.

Slather with acrylic medium which acts as glue.

Lay a fresh single sheet of tissue paper on top of the base sheet and leaves etc. Roll with brayer or other tool to seal. Slather top of it all with acrylic medium to make the top sheet more translucent.

Lynn said...

Interesting process...pretty results.