Monday, October 01, 2007

The studio

Some of the trash I have cleaned out of the garage and workshop leftover from my Dad's days of working in here. LOTS of toxic stuff around,old paint cans, cans of RAID and some Muriac Acid, which I have to take to a toxic waste disposal place.
The bench Dad used which I will now use.
This old jelly cabinet was my Gram's. She had it in her basement stored with jelly and canned goods. Then Dad used it for screws, nails and twine. Now it's stashed with my art supplies. I've always loved this cabinet and out of all the furniture my folks have this would be the one item I would hope to inherit.

The old quilt I found under some screens. Mom says it's not hers, she's never seen it before. Somehow I think she's just forgotten as who else's would it be? Her family made lots of quilts many of which I have in my storage unit in a trunk.


Elizabeth said...

What a totally awesome quilt .. just fab! Lucky you!

I'm glad you are managing to carve a niche for yourself, surrounded my so many family 'treasures'... the best. Enjoy! :-)
P.S. I'm just typing up an award list on my blog... there will be one there for you too :-)

Elizabeth said...

You now have an award!

By the way, I meant to say your blog is looking good ~ I like the colours.

sukipoet said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth for the award!!!! You are so sweet. And for noticing the change to my blog. I don't have photoshop or I'd try to change the banner. Blogger doesn't offer a lot of choices in their program.

ANDREA said...

hello and ohhhhhh that quilt, it is beautiful I love the light colours and ahhhh that workbench and the jelly cabinet!!!!!
This seems like a great space in which you will have fun with your papers, and collages etc! I'm glad too for you: you create your "nest"!
Have a nice day

Lynn said...

What a lucky wonderful find this is! I love that your mom might have made it...can't remember. My mom got to not being able to remember too. I am happy your quilt is now in your home...and you have others too! In trunks! YES!
I am just beginning to make quilts and I want them to be discovered in trunks after I can no longer remember...

Anonymous said...

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