Thursday, September 27, 2007

First rainy day

in a week. Kinda nice. An excuse to slow down. Tried to upload photos today into my blog but the computer is too slow. Thanks to all for your comments and support on my process of creating a space to work and being with my mom. Things happen one step at a time, but I want them to happen all at once. Life continually teaches me patience and letting go. To hook up to high speed internet I must first buy a router. Computer shops are all half an hour drive away. So it may take me a few more days to get there.

About 50 wild turkeys are grazing on the field today. I'm thinking of making the drawing and painting of the field a winter project. Depicting it over and over in different ways. I have always loved this field for some reason.

And I have a writing project too. I'm writing a sort of memoir about the 5 men who have had a prominent role in my life. I only have 12 pages so far. The book is divided into "Artist" "Poet" "Madman" "Pilot" "Magician." Once my own computer is set up, I hope to share segments on my blog "Writing a novel."

One last note. I asked Andrea (please see my list of blogs in right hand column to link to Andrea's blog as I can't get the link to work here, grrr) if she knew the German artist Paula Modersohn-Beckerwho painted in the 1920's and died young a few days after giving birth. In this country not many people know about her. Andrea says she is well known in Germany and asked how I knew of her. Many years ago I bought a calendar depicting women's art. One of the paintings was Becker's. I loved it, the quality of the paint, the colors and I love portraits. She painted many self-portraits. Some of herself pregnant. I looked her up through library books, read about her life and own a book of her letters.


ANDREA said...

I hope you will be able to upload images of that field with wild turkeys soon. I have never seen wild turkeys!
Thanks for bringing up Paula Modersohn-Becker. I had forgotten all about her and today read a short biography on the internet. It seems that the Fayum (do you remember, you talked to me about the egyptian "coffin-portraits" some time ago) influenced her art. It is funny how everything is connected. I love her paintings, the colours and the simple shapes.
Thanks for being connected! Have a nice day and remember: one step after the other:)

Elizabeth said...

Glad the drawing project is woking for you, as well as settling into your changed life. Can't wait to see more of 'the turkey field' as well, it sounds so, well romantic!

i shall research the artist yu mention, she sounds very interesting.

enjoy your time :-)

Elizabeth said...
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