Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday's Drawing

Sad news. Sister-in-law has cancer of lymph glands which has not yet gotten to lungs. Don't have all the details. No operation apparently. Just chemo and radiation. Although pre-diagnosis she said she would not choose to undergo those treatments, perhaps she will change her mind. I am a true believer that it is up to the person and any person has the right to NOT do what medical science advises. My dad was a doctor and mom was a nurse so they both have a medical model background and frown somewhat on going alternative pathways. It's not that I wouldn't do medical treatments myself in certain circumstances. Just that I want the freedom to choose my path and would want each person to have that freedom apart from medical persuasion.


Cris in OR said...

So Sorry to hear about your Sister in law. Yes it is good to have the freedom to decide. My mom died of cancer. She was on chemo but along the way it killed her lungs and her heart and what ever. so I am not sure what she really died of in the end. but a younger friend of mine went on chemo for the same thing and is doing great now and has been cancer free for 6 or 7 years now. I think one can combine alternative with the other too.

You got your drawing done thru all that. Nicely done too. Still like the writing on your drawings.
I will post mine soon this morning.

Forever Young said...

just found your blog and it's great,vibrant and heartwarming at the same time.
feel for your sister-in-law too.

ANDREA said...

I'm sorry for your sister in law and I wish her all the best! I hope that things will be better soon. You have a very tolerant point of view, which shows a lot of respect.
Your drawings are great, and I love the photographs and your descriptions of them.
Have a good day

Elizabeth said...

This is a very evocative drawing, jewellery is SUCH a personal thing, and 'Her Jewels' could be read in a number of ways, literally and metaphorically. Interesting.

So sory about your Sister in Law, and hope she does not endure too much suffering in whatever path she chooses. In our family we use a mixture of modern and traditional/alternative medicines. I agree with your wise words, we all should have choice and be given the respect we deserve once we make those choices.

Love and Blessings to you and your family,

sukipoet said...

thanks for the empathy with me and my sister in law. Guess she's in denial, so my brother says. Her whole life has changed by this.

The drawing actually helps me so much when I feel sad. Focuses me and draws me out. Course the immediate sharing of the drawings too inspires me. Thanks everyone for your generous comments.

Lynn said...

Ah, the source maybe of your other "life/grief/short time/life as meaningless" words? Your SIl's illness?

I too hope she chooses life and that the medicine/treatments will help and not harm her. Life is a crap shoot sometimes. Or so it seems to me.

We are dealing with the loss of one of my husband's cousins, just died this week at age 55 from melanoma. Don't have the details. I talked to her on the phone when she was still in hospital maybe two weeks ago. She was resigned to dying. It was so strange to hear. I wasn't sure how far along her disease was but she assured me she was dying, and unfortunately she was right. She said: "We all have to die." I said, "You need to fight this." But she knew, and she was ready. What an amazing thing it was to witness. (by phone).

Lynn said...

PS: Hugs for you Suki and my best to your brother and sister in law too.

sukipoet said...

Thanks all for your words on my SIL and also myself in relation to her. Did I say somewhere I thought life was meaningless? Not sure if I meant that quite the way it may sound without nuance. I do think we each find meaning in our lives, in the present moment of our lives. It is all too short a time. And ulitmately I am not sure to what purpose except the present moment richness we can find and give but that's not meant as fatalistic.

Sorry abt your husband's cousin Lynn. Melanoma--yes not something good to get. Usu. means death I think. Only 55. a sad loss.

I'm not paticularly religious, spiritual more like it, and I'm not a heavy duty Buddhist. However, the Buddhists have a wonderfully practical take on death I think. Wonderful care for the dying.