Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday's Drawing Week 3

I bought this doll on my 60th birthday at Gallery in the Woods in Brattleboro. Handmade using old sweaters and socks. Most were much wilder than this one. Each one had a name. You can see the pattern on the one hand which is as far as i got drawing the pattern on her skin.


Cris in OR said...

Interesting doll. Was there some meaning in buying her on your 60th birthday? I like the drawing. you draw very delicate. I think drawings are like peoples handwriting, very unique.

Lynn said...

I love this doll. I love the simple lines of your drawing too. I want to copy it out and free style sew it? May I? She is delightful. A wonderful birthday gift to yourself. I have bought dolls for myself several times during my life. And made one too. I must post her one day.

sukipoet said...

Sure Lynn. Copy it out. I'll try to remember to send you the name of the originator of the doll.

Well my 60th b-day seemed a big one. I always thought 60 was old. I wanted something special for me. Also, a body worker therapist gave me the assignment years ago, which I never fulfilled, to buy a doll even if it was expensive, that expressed my inner child. So at last I bought one although this doll is kinda old ladyish in her outfit.

Lynn said...

I've yet to have a birthday that makes me feel old in all 66 of them.
When I was 18 I got told the children's clothes were on the second floor (when shopping for college waredrobe). At 30 I got carded!
It's been like that ever since. I get guessed at least ten years less whenever someone wonders outloud about my age. I refuse to act old. And have been lucky that my body has not started to be old (yet, much, maybe a little in the mornings)...tee hee. Mostly I feel great!

Thanks for saying I can do your doll.

What size needle do you use to sew on paper? Oh I could trace her on cloth. Duh!

I like your self protrait. I love the jacket too. So colorful and YOUTHFUL looking!

Cris in OR said...

Thanks suki, I like to know stories of things... as in the doll... Everything has a story. I know mine do. I tured 60 this year. Dont feel much different inside at all. but the body does feel it sometimes. lol
Like Lynn I dont like to act old. but I wouldnt have guessed Lynn to be 66. NO WAY.
OK that isnt your self portrait on the side. I was going to say I liked that one you had on there before, but who is that in the pix?

Elizabeth said...

this is a lovely drawing, so sensitive, and a great doll too!

Lynn said...

Suki, the doll is made. Go see!
I had such fun doing this. Thank you for allowing me to.
Hugs, Lynn
She is just delightful. I call her "Suki Doll".

sukipoet said...

Lynn, I meant, but didnt say, that when I was 20 or 30 Sixty looked like old to me.

In reality, I havent felt old yet except for a little slow down of pace.

Cris I don't understand what you mean about the pictures not being me? All pictures of a woman in the sidebar are me including the painting i had there.???

Thanks for your comment on my drawing of the doll, Elizabeth.

Lynn. I'm so excited. A suki doll. I'll go look right now. Thanks.

Cris in OR said...

Ok..the picture on the SELF PORTRAIT FIRST TRY. wasnt there a painting of you sitting on the bank of water that your mom framed?
Now there is a photo of gray hair in a colorful jacket..Is that you with gray hair? sorry I see the one on your blog with long light blondish hair and it cornfused me. lol
oh and no that isnt a cat.. it is a FURBY. it is a silly thing that took off around the beanie baby craze that when you move it it winds up and talks. They got to be worth alot of money. someone gave it to me. But it just drives my cats crazy.

ANDREA said...

I like the doll, it is sweet and looks comforting, like the lines too