Friday, October 19, 2007

Studio complete except for big glitch

Behind quilt you can see the insulation I stuffed into the wall between the workshop and the garage. The sawhorses are wobbly but this makeshift table will do. Would prefer a longer door for the tabletop.
Bought a carpet for the cement floor to make it warmer in the winter although I like a cement floor for an artroom so I don't have to worry about being messy with paint splotches.
Dad's old workbench gives me a nice large space to layout collage items.
I covered the 2 doors between studio and garage with old yoga blankets. Card table is yet another tabletop space full of stuff as you can see. And beyond an old typing table with water. No water in studio.

THE GLITCH. I set up 2 electric heaters, as the room has no heat and the fuses keep blowing. Hopefully we can get an electrician out here to upgrade the fuse box or whatever. Meanwhile no light or heat out there. Boo-hoo.


Elizabeth said...

YEAH BABY! YEAH! I like how you fixed the ol' place up, it's becoming yours. I sooo love to see others artists studios, and this one is extra special because of the personal history that goes with it. Cool. Go Suki!

Hope you get your heating and light very soon. Take care, E

Cris in OR said...

Doesnt it feel good to get a studio set up? Looks like yours is coming along. I too love to see others studios. Hope you get the heat worked out soon.

Lynn said...

Oh so if we cleaned our garage I could have this much room? I'd need to insulate too. What ideas I get here. Love your dad's stuff being a part of things too.
Love the mess!
What a wonderful place in which to create!

ANDREA said...

What a busy woman you have been!!! This is a great artist studio, oh my look at how much space you have! I am jealous:)