Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'm not big on carrying purses so I was thrilled to find this "The Sak" purse for $1 in a thrift store. The purse is only 5" by 7". I love the strap as it's long enough for me to loop the purse over my shoulder and hang the purse in front of me although the words for this are awk.
Here's what I carry inside. A checkbook. A small embroidered purse for my library card and license. A small change purse, handmade leather. A pen. An address book. And a lovely Carnet from Paris with square grid pages like the booklets Colette wrote in.
But now that I am a sketcher on the go, I need to carry my new sketchbook. Sorry. It just won't work. I'd also like room for my digital camera but that's an extra. What to do??

So two questions: A) Ladies, show me your purses!!! Well, that's not really a question.
B) What is your favorite drawing implement you carry with you to sketch on the go? (I'm getting set to send in an order to Dick Blick Art Supplies and want to get myself either a pen or pencil for this purpose so looking for suggestions.)


Cris in Oregon said...

I could never carry a purse that small. I think I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me. lol
I remember seeing what Elizabeth uses on most of her sketches. A Rotring pen. She said she likes it cause it is smooth drawing. that way you dont have to carry an eraser or sharpener. But I dont know if I can get away with not erasing yet. ;)
Hope that helps. I might have to carry a rusack or something else with me to cart the camera and sketching stuff with me. arrgh. I think Andrea or someone said she does.

Elizabeth said...

Ok, i'll post mine later ... it is MUCH bigger! :-)

Favourite 'on the go' sketching tools...
* Moleskine, or other suitable sketchbook (ie will fit into handbag),
* 2 Rotring Pens (1 fine, 1 thick),
* 2 pencils (1x 2B or 4B , 1 x HB),
* Small putty rubber, just incase! I rarely use one but it is my 'comfort factor').

I used to carry a handbag much smaller but being the Mother of a small child knocked me out of that habit. I made up for it by treating myself to 2 "Longchamp" shopping style bags when I was last in London (Bond Street no less!!). I also have an assortment of other bags, smaller, but all equally capable of fitting at least my Moleskine plus a pen and pencil.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I like your new bag. A favourite colour of mine. The price is the best bit! ;-)

Lynn said...

Okay, I'll post mine! It's big, roomy, but light weight, depending of course what I have in it. The kitchen sink is sometime heavy! LOL
I also got mine at a garage sale: 50 cents, wait till you see.
You've already seen my art supplies. They all fit in there.

Mary Richmond said...

I understand your pain. I didn't carry a bag until just recently because I had too much to carry in my pocket any more! I use Pilot p-500 very fine black pens. I buy them at Staples, they;re cheap and the ink is permanent and stable.

sukipoet said...

thanks everyone for your handbag tips. Great stories. Of course, you need a big bag when you have kids. I forgot!! Thanks for the tips on pens and pencils. I'm ready to order now. I dawdle so with the orders as I don't want to forget anything.

The Dream said...

Ahhhh! So it was YOU who came up with this challenge, which came to me through Lizzi! Too funny! I see that you are as super organized as our friend across the pond. I really enjoyed checking out your sketches - well done!