Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homeless Dream

Maybe because my life is in disruption again, I've been remembering my dreams. Several nights ago I dreamt of my mom's garden. I knew she wouldn't be planting anything this year so I pulled up some of the vegetation. I realized that part of the garden was covered by some kind of canvas top creating a shelter and beyond that largish room was a smaller room shaped with twigs. I knew this was a homeless person's shelter and the little room was for the baby.

The next dream is not for a delicate sensibility to read. I have lots of bathroom dreams and last night I had another. I went up to the top floor of a building to use the bathroom as the bottom floors were crowded. It was less crowded at the top but I was drawn away twice to do other things before I was able to use the bathroom. When I returned the bathroom was empty but inside was a pipe that dripped water down from the ceiling so the room was wet. Anyway, I entered and realized there was not a door to shut but rather a green mesh curtain. Some people came and lifted the curtain partway for some reason, saying that was they way it needed to be. So I was on display, revealed in what should have been a private moment.


ANDREA said...

I hope the dreams help you to find out where and where not to go ...

Elizabeth said...

I rarely remember dreams. I hope yours are of guidance to you ... and that you get some privacy!